Congressmen Debate Refugee Settlement in the US

Reps. Luis Guiterrez of Illinois and Ryan Zinke of Montana explain both sides of the argument about allowing Syrian refugees into America.
7:15 | 11/17/15

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Transcript for Congressmen Debate Refugee Settlement in the US
Capitol Hill right now if you Carson or. Rivers and Luis Gutierrez from Illinois also represented of Ryan's think Republican a Montana congressman Goodyear's a Democrat. A couple things create gentlemen first of on the overall threat we know that there's been some briefings. From the Homeland Security secretary and others about the precautions have been taken in the state of intelligence right now looking tell us about that congress and the tears watching the first. Well first of all the threat does exist. We thought manifested. In Paris France we've seen it manifested in Spain in the manner but that in many guns in manifested in Beirut and in the Sinai with the downing. Our intelligence community. Reviewing it we have some of the most though are people in the intelligence community V viewing that. And I. Here's what I can say to the American people we are in good hands. What we have great American patriots and watching out for the home. That's good here but congressman zinc when I was talking to Adam ship carrier that your colleague from California ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee this and he said there was clearly. An intelligence failure here do you agree with that. Puts. Load and unload it well there is that this look at the facts we have crisis in every state. We have 5000 fighters and EU debt are transient back and forth. We have the US citizens that we need to rebuild the passports are that have done to this Syria and we need to stop the refugees that's only one hard. Of all love a broader strategies. Secure our southern border we we are under threat this is a war. I 9/11 was knocked out long ago George. And ice is certainly has capability we know they have chemical weapons we know they have access to radioactive material this is the war. In a war we need to make sure we know who's in this country in looking at the at the refugee problem is part of we need to vet them. And there is no database overseas and on and on the refugees and this is from a former commander. Ed the I was deputy commander of special forces in Iraq there is no database. People don't have birth records and when you when you they come here just like one of the terrorists. That hit Paris we need to make sure that we know who's here in properly vet him and we can't venom and let's we have the FBI and law everyone does thorough background investigation about that are coming Carson Gutierrez who haven't been. This is absolutely George not the case. It's just wrong mom and let the mid the American people are being misled with statements such as those I have here. That let it is being circulated says. Europe's refugee resettlement policy brought the terrorists from serious to fair as we cannot let the thing thing happened here. He came from Siri. And each grapple. To the EU he didn't look for resettlement program let us be clear our red glow G program. Our refugee program many people are isn't the type right for years they are in premiums to out Jordan into how the world. There is some of the best Betty triple quadruple that he. You can't. Don't mix one thing with the other. This with a terrorist that left Syria that never went to look resettlement camp. And never came to a refugee program those that are coming to America will be properly vetted and let me just take this. That's what the commander in Iraq we have tens of thousands of Iraqis that have com have been vetted their program. And have come without incident to the United States of America let's not turn our backs we turned our back before or during World War II we intern Japanese. And we turned their back on who we regretted it then we will regret turning them back on the refugee community the. I thought everything Arabs are reminding that this talk about the facts this is not for me this is from the FBI to directly FBI says there is no way we can determine under the current vetting process. Whether they're terrorists were sympathizers. That's the facts. The fact is that our border is un security people come across our border every day. The facts are that ice is in fifteen states that mean crisis is here in every state the facts of the matter is fitted thousands of refugees are come across. A Wheeler knew who they are. But cousin let me interrupt you there Connecticut and are we have to move on a second but I want to ask you one more question about that because isn't it true. That the overwhelming majority of the refugees coming in are women and children. Well about 60% are military age but I think you look at women children desist from a commander who fought in Iraq. It is because there are a woman doesn't mean they're not a threat in what I'm saying is we need to slow down in a look at our vetting process to ensure. In the FBI and intelligence sources need to certify. It do a thorough background checks to make sure that they're there is no terrorist threat with a refugees coming in this country. That is a clear and present danger in less. We know who's coming in this country and we do know who was humming that as we remember one thing. Nobody fighting on the battlefield to date is going to come through the refugee program while they have been eating camps for years. Four years in both camps being Bennett wants twice as a matter fact. We already FA stipulated earlier and you can check the facts. We have tens of thousands of Iraqi refugees. Who have successfully come through the program and no one has ever sit where we've also got what we have what we what we. Gentlemen I got I got I got an Iraqi got a bonus they met met a limo you know it tells us that this is going to be an injury to everybody Karl Malone one. 100 US passport holders. That are fighting alongside license yet so I don't think they're vetting process has been great refugees but let. Not a close the refugee tent where terrorists never got terraces of terrorists it. Down soaring when people chop off heads and there are refugee or terrorist that really matter really doesn't. Let me ask what could go out for him into this incident this is this is it but. Is there any. Harm it just pushing the pause button on this little a lot of people are called are are asking for that is ridding Harmon that either side. I would always say is not only no harm but it's a prudent thing to do number one job this country this president. And this can end congress is protect the American people I think prudence is called for and American has the. Great traditions it is the beacon of hope. People who are fleeing religious prosecution throughout the world. And to say that at this moment we are going to turn our backs on women that are being murdered and raped and sold into slavery. People who are being headed our enemies our side our enemies are ice as the people are believe America is. Greater and its division let's not get. To the fear of crisis. Let's continue the tradition that has made America the beacon of hope to and I say remember New York. Because it all he had to do is look at the two holes and understand that terrorism is real thing has nothing to do with the that is accredited. I think the real well tomorrow morning. Does you vote. Are able to really state here sides. Are very well and you can share option is to be asking the on the house weird environment debut a couple of.

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{"id":35263505,"title":"Congressmen Debate Refugee Settlement in the US","duration":"7:15","description":"Reps. Luis Guiterrez of Illinois and Ryan Zinke of Montana explain both sides of the argument about allowing Syrian refugees into America. ","url":"/GMA/video/congressmen-debate-refugee-settlement-us-35263505","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}