Mark Kelly Discusses Gabby Giffords' Next Steps

Congresswoman's NASA astronaut husband discusses wife's next steps in recovery.
3:54 | 11/15/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Mark Kelly Discusses Gabby Giffords' Next Steps
Shuttle commander mark Kelly joins us now I loved watching you watch those tapes. What do -- say. Last night after she -- what she loved it I was here in New York my sixteen year old daughter Claudia. Was watching whether such had a smile on her face the whole time that she should really enjoyed -- I spoke her afterwards. Is pretty excited was -- doing -- Doing well she's -- -- In every week she just got back from two weeks in Asheville, North Carolina with Nancy -- Brooks who was shown last night in the interview. And she's doing really well -- -- you pointed out in the book she's in the top 1% of all people recovering from injuries like this but so what is the next milestone. Well for her it's you know to stringing those sentences together and that's -- happen be able to say you know complete sentence followed by another one. And we didn't see that so much on the -- last night but in the last. In the last month that started to kick him some more and she continues to improve so to speak in paragraphs sentences -- well actually you know. Small paragraphs of used to string of couple few sentences together at a time. But you know we see we see improvement every day and it's it's really great to -- that is great news and then -- sorry tell Diane that -- she's focusing now. I'm getting better and if she does she may run next year guests have to would you like to run. She has made the decision that she has some time. And you know she's gotta gotta do this on her own schedule and then -- decide in our own. You know and homeway and you told you -- know when it's right to know -- Melanie she's she's getting there you know -- -- -- -- looks really positive. So we're we're excited about that meanwhile her friends and supporters raising money just get laying -- -- so for when she makes -- decision. Yet you know she she spends every day in rehab you know eight hours a day. And and so we've got to proceed like you know she's gonna take -- step in and run this next term. So -- she's getting some help some from some very generous members of congress and her. Her staff and it's -- -- components every once hoped -- but if she can't. And she asked you run in her place when doing comics you know -- you know -- want her to get better in my job is to make sure that she can recover. So she can go back to her career serving her constituents in southern Arizona -- I'm working every day towards that goal. And we saw that amazing moment in August -- in the congressman came to the house floor. To vote on that debt saying there's a chance that there's going to be another major vote like that coming up in December you match she can vote again -- and not until she makes a decision well. -- she pays attention to what's going on she reads the New York Times in the from the Arizona papers every day. And if we got into that kind of a situation. -- shall make -- decision and what wouldn't I wouldn't rule that out. One of -- most affecting things you write and talk about it is that moment. -- and you are reading -- -- -- the Paper about the incident and he skipped over the paragraph of those that died and she caught you you have to I was pretty slick about it you know -- sought -- up. And I thought I could seamlessly skip over. What was in the Paper but she immediately caught me at the time we had no idea how well she could -- she could reach a vision issues which are improving as well. And she basically busted me. And you had to do it oh yes I mean I told her right you know if you have any question all all new rock and -- -- -- you -- we're we're not gonna keep information from you that you're asking for. There were something to be said for not telling her everything up front which is what her doctors recommended and one thing you've wondered about is whether you're ever gonna to talk to her about. Feelings that she might have a bad feeling responsible for all of us here -- you know I have talked to -- a little bit about it but not so much you know in death. Yet and I and I feel you know I need to start bringing that up a little bit more government to do that. Okay commander Kelly thanks very much the book is called -- a story of courage and hope thanks -- lot for coming to -- our very well congresswoman thank you.

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{"id":14954725,"title":"Mark Kelly Discusses Gabby Giffords' Next Steps ","duration":"3:54","description":"Congresswoman's NASA astronaut husband discusses wife's next steps in recovery.","url":"/GMA/video/congresswoman-gabrielle-giffords-husband-mark-kelly-discusses-wifes-14954725","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}