Conjoined Twins to Have Surgery

Doctor's expect the surgery to separate the girls to take about nine hours.
1:55 | 11/01/11

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Transcript for Conjoined Twins to Have Surgery
Now -- that risky surgery to separate conjoined two year old twins later today. These precious little girls could be independent for the first time in their short lives. But first doctors in California we'll have to separate the -- of ruling. High wrist surgery expected to take some nine hours ABC Cecilia Vega has more on their incredible story. Be sure liver chest and the abdomen their intestines and hearts touch and today 82 year old conjoined twins from the Philippines will be separated for the first time in California. And hope and -- that. -- -- -- -- And don't cut and Angelina some group though are active and curious toddlers. Yeah. -- combined weight of 55 pounds of moving together is becoming more difficult as the hard choir -- begins you don't know when data -- in the -- Keating data while nine died knowing just in the B. Not doing anything and how plants. The twins are fused from the middle of their -- fell to their belly button it will take -- six hours just -- part that. Another three to reconstruct their tiny bodies. There are two concerns one is the unknown. Is there something that we haven't identified and the other is the separation of the live. Doctor Gary Hartman of Lucille Packard Children's Hospital in Palo Alto will lead a team of more than twenty doctors and nurses through a delicate and risky procedure. These girls appeared to be healthy and their anatomy is such that it looks favorable for us to be able to separate them. It is they granted wish for the twins' family. I won them -- need not let me think that you demand and doctors say normal and healthy is exactly the kind of flights these little girls could -- starting today. Good Morning America Cecilia Vega ABC news New York.

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{"duration":"1:55","description":"Doctor's expect the surgery to separate the girls to take about nine hours.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"14856286","title":"Conjoined Twins to Have Surgery","url":"/GMA/video/conjoined-twins-girls-surgery-14856286"}