Conrad Murray: Will Jackson's Doctor Take Stand?

Decision to allow doctor to testify follows judge's reprimand of a key witness.
2:03 | 11/01/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Conrad Murray: Will Jackson's Doctor Take Stand?
The trial of Michael Jackson's doctor big decision today coming from Conrad Murray about whether helped take the stand and it was a testy day in court Monday. As a defensive star witness was grilled on the stand during cross examination and -- up in hot water with the judge. ABC's Jim -- has the latest. Fireworks on the witness stand you keep throwing out these. Kind of rehearsed lines the lead prosecutor asking for the judge's help in controlling the star witness for the defense -- motion to strike with the court admonish the witness the judge siding with prosecutors the objection is sustained. Cancer stricken disregard pleas and stopping the trial to do more than -- let me ask your favorite ladies and gentlemen if you could just lead us for a few moments. And while the jury stepped out in the cameras were turned off the judge find doctor Paul Light a thousand dollars for not directly answering the prosecutor's questions and then deputy DA David Waldman went right at him. Challenging doctor -- and why he was making excuses for Doctor Murray not calling 911 right away. Because this was a house that had no phone lines so it's not a typical situation. Where you can. Call 91100. Very had a cellphone in his hand are you saying he was not capable of pushing 911. -- an answer to -- -- questions from defense attorneys doctor white went back to the main point of doctor Murray's case even though he made mistakes. That negligence is not what killed Michael Jackson. In the event that you paramedics or the emergency room personnel were worth of patient had received. Broke before but that would change. Their treatment procedures. -- Do you think it would change the outcome in this case. Absolutely and. At the end of the day Doctor Murray told the judge he is not decided if he'll testify. Today is expected to be the last day of testimony and the judge told -- he has until 11 o'clock this morning to make -- crucial decision. For Good Morning America Jim Avila ABC news.

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{"duration":"2:03","description":"Decision to allow doctor to testify follows judge's reprimand of a key witness.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"14856104","title":"Conrad Murray: Will Jackson's Doctor Take Stand?","url":"/GMA/video/conrad-murray-jacksons-doctor-stand-14856104"}