Conrad Murray: Jackson's Kids to Secretly Testify?

Many wonder how Jackson children's testimony will weigh on doctor's sentence.
2:21 | 11/29/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Conrad Murray: Jackson's Kids to Secretly Testify?
It turned out of the Conrad Murray case the doctor for Michael Jackson is in court for sentencing today. Following his conviction for manslaughter. In Indianapolis cover the -- from the starting -- we know that the judge will hear from Jackson's family before he rules. The big question will Jackson's children actually testify. Well good morning -- a source close of the family and involved in these I've been involved in the talks right up until late in the day. Tells ABC news -- the -- just could not decide what to say or who will say it. Right up until now in -- -- asked the prosecutor to write and deliver the family statement a decision that could change right up until the gavel falls at the Conrad Murray sentence. Today the family -- may have. Invited by the court to deliver what is often an emotional victim impact statement just before Conrad -- his sentence -- small. A family source telling ABC news a statement will be read perhaps by just the district attorney. The court however raising speculation the Jackson children might appear in a -- to the media warning. The judge Michael pastor may rule that some of the individuals making impact statements not be film recorded or photographed. Murray is remanded to the custody of the Los Angeles sheriff's and that is -- Conrad Murray has been in solitary confinement at the LA county jail. Today his attorneys will present the judge with 34 letters from friends and family led by Marie's mother who wrote the judge she wants to express her sorrow the Michael Jackson's -- And her son is sorry for what happened to Michael and had no ill intent towards him his attorneys asked for probation and community service prosecutors dismissing the maximum four year sentence and restitution. A more than one million dollars in funeral costs. -- 100 million dollars in lost income for its children they say Doctor Murray has shown no remorse and portrayed himself as the victim in a British documentary and replayed on MSNBC. I do nothing to view -- as an accident and intention. To do me harm what the other thing. Through this most intense. Desire to have -- do with him. -- -- -- -- -- -- Then -- for the family Katherine Jackson remains firm she doesn't want the kids to show up today.

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{"id":15046099,"title":"Conrad Murray: Jackson's Kids to Secretly Testify?","duration":"2:21","description":"Many wonder how Jackson children's testimony will weigh on doctor's sentence.","url":"/GMA/video/conrad-murray-jacksons-kids-secretly-testify-15046099","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}