Murray Juror Speaks With ABC

Jim Avila speaks with juror who says nine hours of deliberation were not easy.
3:18 | 11/09/11

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Transcript for Murray Juror Speaks With ABC
Instead inside Germany Conrad Murray trial the first -- to speak -- -- -- and have a lot. And he joins us now good morning Jim. Good morning George behind the closed doors of the jury room and inside those secret deliberations for the first time. The first Konrad -- jury tells it GMA that in fact the trial was long the jury was split at the beginning. And those nine hours of deliberations were not easy. I think we really did. Our job. She is -- number five Debbie Franklin the 48 year old mother of two a paralegal put in charge of ringing the buzzer sent a sort of the judge in the world the verdict had been reach. Our hearts were pounding -- to go out there Franklin is the first and only juror to reveal what went on inside the jury room. In our exclusive interview she says while nearly all the jurors had decided on guilt during the first day of deliberations. Not everyone was convinced that Doctor Murray was solely responsible for Michael Jackson's death. Towards the end of the day we finally took a vote it was not unanimous. And we talked a little more about it let let's think about it over the weekend it was stressful if we did. Yelling and we had to keep saying nobody -- while this person's talking raise your hand if you have something to say. And it was not until Monday morning that the majority was able to convince everyone that not only was Conrad Murray negligent. His mistakes led directly to the killing of Michael Jackson. Do you believe. Michael Jackson would be alive today. If it were not productive congress -- yes. Absolutely I believe he had issues I believed he had addictions. Or dependence he'd asked other doctors to do it they said no he was looking for somebody to say yes and Conrad Murray said. George number five says Doctor Murray is responsible for killing Jackson for three reasons not calling 911. Not having medical backup equipment in the room. And leaving his patient a -- when he. Came back Conrad Murray said he was a lot. He wasn't breathing but he had a pulse he had the -- that are monitored and monitor on his finger so at that point he was a lot. According to Conrad Murray if you would -- we felt that he would have had the medical equipment there if that was the -- that was blocked. He had -- he didn't have anything. And while the jury thought Conrad Murray was a nice guy who didn't mean to kill Michael Jackson. They decided he has a doctor should have known better -- -- and found him guilty of involuntary manslaughter. Because of the show of hands vote. It was a show of hands at that point and then we hit we asked everybody to write it down so we actually have the written papers of twelve guilty but. The jury was ushered out of the courtroom before the judge decided to send Conrad Murray directly to jail. But this -- at least had no regrets seeing the former doctor led off in handcuffs. I've never given -- a second thought of what was happening back in the courtroom when I thought later on TV. It didn't shock me but I assumed that if somebody found guilty that they're taken right from the courtroom I don't think he was gonna say go home. Juror number of five says she has no opinion on whether and how long the sentence -- before Conrad Murray said she did her job. And she's glad sentencing is up to the judge George -- thanks Jim.

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{"id":14913088,"title":"Murray Juror Speaks With ABC","duration":"3:18","description":"Jim Avila speaks with juror who says nine hours of deliberation were not easy.","url":"/GMA/video/conrad-murray-juror-speaks-abc-news-14913088","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}