Conrad Murray Trial: Baez on Defense's Strategy

Jose Baez, Casey Anthony's lawyer, on recent setbacks for Dr. Conrad Murray.
3:17 | 10/26/11

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Transcript for Conrad Murray Trial: Baez on Defense's Strategy
Defense attorney Jose body as you may or may remember that He successfully defended Casey Anthony for murder charges earlier this year. Thanks for coming in this morning -- defense attorney. And senior pretty sympathetic -- these frustrations of defense has about not being able to put in this financial information into the record by I think it's devastating. What they're doing is they're basically. Cutting off -- for the defense here if the shoe were on the other foot and money was motive for murder you can rest assure that that type of evidence would come -- But as it relates to the area of discretion I think this judge is really crossing the line and the defense -- -- very tricky job right here in order to defend Conrad Murray in some respects they have to attack Michael Jackson. What I think you can have one without the other. Michael Jackson is partially on trial here. And then. In order to show went paint the entire pitcher for the defense -- when -- have to show that when you think of Michael Jackson. You think of things. You think of an individual who was an accident we can happen and guess what it happened it. Here's why I -- for example how the nurse. Helps the defense on the one hated that show that might object was trying -- -- could Begin -- -- on the other hand you show others saying no I'm not gonna give it to. Well what I think the defense is showing here is there showing that He knows what broke the -- it's. Not every not every person walking the street knows what pro football is and He also knows how it's administered He also knows He could He needs to be monitored He knows quite a bit. For just -- -- horizons of their China to lay the ground or to show that this -- He would do anything to get it He might have gotten. And that it lifted. The dividend and you had to -- -- had to give it to themselves that's what they're trying would would that be your strategy. Right here I think it is a smart strategy puts you also have to bring in. All the doctors you have to bring in and show how much and how often Michael Jackson. Took drugs prescription drugs. You know it's an all too common Hollywood story where you have faith incredibly talented individual going -- too soon because of drugs. They -- and we know that like -- put on their big gun the anesthesiologist doctor Paul White he's gonna take on the prosecution's. Expert witness who's got then who's got the better hand here. You know it's going to be tough to tell until. Doctor awaits testifies you have an individual Schaefer who -- it was very impressionable times but at certain times when a little bit -- -- -- yes this State's witness He was. He was a very persuasive witness at times but then also looked like He had a vested interest. Right now what you're seeing with the defense is they're putting on what's called independent witnesses people who really aren't associated with Conrad Murray more so with Michael Jackson. And the defense I think is having an opportunity to show look. What we want to do is just bring the rest of the pictures to you that the state does not and you heard James reporting right there right now at least defense not planning for Conrad Murray on the stand. You know I think you can put too much stock in that that decision's going to be made it to game time decisions -- be made at a later date. And He could very well justified and these could you little bit of a red Herring through to show that a month. Again -- have to be at that point in the case where I'd make that decision but I don't -- I think it's far too early to make that decision I think there's a bias thanks very much --

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{"id":14816163,"title":"Conrad Murray Trial: Baez on Defense's Strategy","duration":"3:17","description":"Jose Baez, Casey Anthony's lawyer, on recent setbacks for Dr. Conrad Murray.","url":"/GMA/video/conrad-murray-trial-baez-defenses-strategy-14816163","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}