Conrad Murray Trial: Defense Takes Its Turn

Lawyers for Michael Jackson's doctor claim singer was desperate for sleep.
2:45 | 10/25/11

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Transcript for Conrad Murray Trial: Defense Takes Its Turn
Now for the latest in the trial of Michael Jackson's doctor defense now taking their turn -- -- the pop star. As desperate for sleep eager to get its hands of the powerful drug that authorities say killed him. ABC's Jim novel has been covering this from the beginning and he's in Los Angeles again this morning with the latest good morning -- Good morning Robin Kent Conrad Murray's first -- -- his defense and his attorneys reveal their strategy portraying Michael Jackson as a desperate man. A -- -- out of money. Looking forward anesthetic answer to his sleep problems long before Conrad Murray enters the picture. Good morning -- Norris the defense is often running six witnesses and its first day and new surveillance video that shows doctor Murray arriving at the Jackson mansion the morning of the singer's death. The Jackson -- to rise minutes later mr. turn -- Conrad Murray's attorney seemingly unfazed by the outright rejection of its motion to dismiss. Asking for a not guilty verdict immediately after prosecutors told the tragedy they had no more witnesses and would -- to rest at this time. The judge denying the defense motion ruling that a reasonable jury could find the defendant guilty in the court would conclude that there is substantial evidence to supported -- the trial continue the defense attempting to show through another Jackson doctor. Allan Metzger that crop of fall was Michael Jackson's idea not Conrad Murray. He asked me about intravenously minutes. I think He -- the word Jews -- on cross examination prosecutors again hammered away. That Jackson was just a -- origination. But what a doctor could still say no to. When Michael Jackson -- about intravenously medication you explain to him that. That was dangerous and should not be done outside -- -- hospital that's correct did you ever give Michael Jackson purple ball never -- any amount of money that would convince you to give him intravenous pro football in his house absolutely no. Another key witness for the defense LAPD detective Orlando Martinez. One of the main detectives investigating doctor -- The defense calling him to try and buttress their theory that Michael Jackson's bodyguard Alberto Alvarez made up the allegations that doctor Murray tried to hide evidence says paramedics were on the way. To the Jackson mention. Remember this He said put these in -- -- but on the stand detective Martinez admitted the guard did not mention that the day of Jackson's death. Did you ever hear mr. Alvarez mention anything about putting the weight of -- for doctor -- Now the defense they -- into some problems for a finishing its portrayal of Michael Jackson the -- holding a hearing on future witnesses today witnesses the defense wants to talk about financial problems and drug dependency issues the judges already ruled are irrelevant.

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{"id":14808138,"title":"Conrad Murray Trial: Defense Takes Its Turn","duration":"2:45","description":"Lawyers for Michael Jackson's doctor claim singer was desperate for sleep.","url":"/GMA/video/conrad-murray-trial-defense-takes-turn-14808138","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}