Controversial Sting Operation to Stop Apple iPhone Thieves

People wonder if new crime stopping technique is a step in the wrong direction.
2:34 | 04/28/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Controversial Sting Operation to Stop Apple iPhone Thieves
rainwise coming our way. Asial new sting operation aimed at a distinctly modern crime, known as apple picking. Is this technique a step in the wrong direction? Abc's rob nelson is here with the details. Reporter: One of the great headaches in the era of technology. Losing your smartphone or having it stolen, there's a new national crackdown under way with police going after all of those gadget thieves out there. But not in a way you might expect. It's certainly a common sight these days. Our eyes dmrud to that little screen held in our hand. A common sight that makes us sitting and distracting ducks for crimes like this, known as apple picking. Making off before we even realize what's happening it's the modern-day purse snatch. Reporter: San francisco was part o a nationwide crackdown on stolen iphones. In which police are focusing not on the crooks but the buyers of stolen phones. There's no market to sell the phone. Reporter: In cities like new york and washington, d.C. Teams of uncovered police officers are posing as stolen iphones and busting the buyers. Trying to put a dent in $30 billion annually lost in stolen phones in the u.S. It's lucrative with phones resold overseas for much as $1,000 each. According to the mobile security firm lookout. With critics questioning not only whether it's a form of entrapment or if it's even effective. He said that he doesn't agree with the sting operations but it is a pressing issue. Subjected to a robbery, often they're getting hurt physically. They're almost always getting hurt emotionally. Now, according to the company we mentioned in that story lookout.Com at least $7 million worth of phones are lost or stolen every day in the u.S. Amazing number there. Top three places, coffee places, the office and not surprisingly bars. Bianna, back to you. We want to tell you about

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{"id":19060264,"title":"Controversial Sting Operation to Stop Apple iPhone Thieves","duration":"2:34","description":"People wonder if new crime stopping technique is a step in the wrong direction.","url":"/GMA/video/controversial-sting-operation-stop-apple-iphone-thieves-19060264","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}