Convicted Felon Showdown Caught on Video

Man who broke out of Ohio prison gets tracked down, caught in convenience store.
2:27 | 07/06/13

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Transcript for Convicted Felon Showdown Caught on Video
But first, a fourth of july hero, wearing a patriotic shirt, captures a violent escape con on the run. It happened in a flash inside a convenience store and was caught on a security camera. Aditi roy is here. Reporter: It is incredible. And the video is just riveting. The convicted felon managed to break out of an ohio prison. He landed at a nearby convenience store and never made it out of there free. He was literally caught on tape, in this dramatic surveillance video captured on thursday. Prison escapee and convicted rapist, james david myers, tackled by a man in an american flag shirt comes flying out of nowhere. He pins the fugitive to the ground and keeps him there for several seconds. I walked over there, and threw him to the ground. Didn't give him a chance to get a gun. Reporter: Mark cooper is the man seen here, pinning myers to the ground. He says he was shopping at the ohio convenience store where the fugitive landed. Waas myers walks up to the cash register and stays there for several seconds, as he appears to pay for his tea and snickers bar. The clerk said the whole time, she knew she was face-to-face with a rapist on the run. I tried not to show that this is the guy they're looking for. A wanted picture right there at the register. Reporter: That clerk recognized him and called police. The store owner also called 911. An escape convict is at our store right now. Reporter: Cooper sprang into action, keeping myers on the ground, so workers could wrap the inmate in twine until authorities could get there. I was confident in my strength that once I grab ahold of somebody like that, he's not going to get back up. Reporter: Authorities want to thank cooper. He tells reporters, he doesn't want the credit. The hero label, you're not comfortable with that, I can tell. Not at all. Reporter: Myers was serving 30 years to life in prison. He was discovered missing the day before his capture. Authorities haven't said how he escaped. Another clerk told reporters she was shaking the entire time she was in the store. I can only imagine what that must be like when she recognized him and be calm. Reporter: Incredible presence of mind. And the fact that so many different people recognized him shows you how effective he can be. The customer is a hero in my book. Adi aditi, great to see you. Back to ron claiborne for

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{"id":19594036,"title":"Convicted Felon Showdown Caught on Video","duration":"2:27","description":"Man who broke out of Ohio prison gets tracked down, caught in convenience store.","url":"/GMA/video/convicted-felon-showdown-caught-video-19594036","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}