Convicted Killer Charged For Her Escape Plot

Christa Pike was the youngest woman ever sentenced to death in the U.S.
0:54 | 03/22/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Convicted Killer Charged For Her Escape Plot
We Begin this half hour. With a cunning plot by a brutal killer. To escape from death row -- -- by the authorities Christa -- was the youngest woman ever to be sentenced to death in the US and plotting her escape. Authorities say she proved she can seduce men into doing what ever she wants. ABC's Steve Olson Sami has much more. In Atlanta good morning Steve good. Morning Robin she was running out of appeal -- the death sentence was waiting for her and she was desperate to get out. She has a short fuse that's the reason why she sitting on death row she likes to cut. So who in the world would try to help set her free turns out she found boyfriends while sitting in jail. She's one of the most dangerous women in America and he was the man who fell in love with her. Together police say they hatched an elaborate plot to break her out of prison where she sits on death row. Authorities have arrested this man Donald Kohut. A 34 year old from -- to New Jersey who had been making regular trips to Tennessee's death row. And became the boyfriend of Christa pike a cold blooded killer. In 1995 she used to box knife to slash the throat of a friend she thought was flirting with her lover. Christa pike is a fairly notorious killer in the state of Tennessee she has been on death row since 1996. -- relationship with Kohut began early last year with love letters like these which he sent to the different men in her life. Telling them you bring out the best in me and I want to lick your soul. Police have also arrested 23 year old Justin Heflin one of -- guards on death row they say he accepted bribes from her boyfriend. We know that he gave him things like at -- new and -- Gibson guitar. And some past their alleged plan was to copy keys to prison doors by making Paper tray six. Other guards found those -- in January before pike could make her daring escape desperate people try desperate things. When you have nothing else -- Liz sometimes he'll try anything without question the woman they're accused of trying to set loose is a vicious killer in 2001 she tried to kill again. In jail she nearly strangled Patricia Jones a fellow inmate and was convicted of attempted murder. She's had sweethearts all across the country we met one of them overnight. Erik dean from Jacksonville Florida first started exchanging these letters with her in 1997. And he says they were actually engaged in 2002. She told me things I wanted to hear -- -- she would write me and tell me -- I love you elder abuse you you know come appeared marry me. He says she never asked him to help her escape but says she wrote about it all the time she would always make hand salute and say things about -- to leave. Needs imprisoning go to Jamaica or go to the islands I'm sure this guy up in New Jersey I'm sure she flattered him. And -- him to the point to where he's gonna go to prison now offer far. This morning her current boyfriend is still in custody in New Jersey but they're waiting for him in Tennessee hoping that he'll be extradited -- any day now.

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{"id":15977013,"title":"Convicted Killer Charged For Her Escape Plot","duration":"0:54","description":"Christa Pike was the youngest woman ever sentenced to death in the U.S.","url":"/GMA/video/convicted-killer-christa-pike-charged-escape-plot-15977013","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}