Cookbook Helps Carb Lovers Lose Weight

Ellen Kunes, Frances Largeman-Roth explain how to lose weight and eat great.
2:42 | 01/20/12

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Transcript for Cookbook Helps Carb Lovers Lose Weight
So many of us trying to lose weight at some point or other everybody wants to drop a couple pounds and everybody aims to give up favorites like pasta and pizza huts no brainer right. Well a new cookbook is saying not so people all you can keep eating your favorite foods. It's called -- carb lover's diet cookbook it has a 150. Recipes and it I cannot wait to hear how this works. Alan Kunis and Francis large and rock. Wrote it together they're here now to share some of these incredible recipes and you say it's all about heat resistant starch -- what is that. With just start is a special kind of car behind. That kicks up your fat burning. It melts belly fat. It does all kinds of great things or -- -- is door car just makes us all happy and yet we know we can't have it but he. You show us an example of pancakes whenever -- practice you've modified it to add to resistant -- house up that's right so these are -- -- pancakes with strawberry sauce and what we did -- in the -- -- we actually used rolled -- so that can that I just -- -- simple Quaker -- simple quick heroes rolled -- and he actually -- up in the process there. And you have to get some of that struck me I want and I -- yeah yeah yeah I don't get so these pancakes and you get angry. Had seven point six grams of resistance are just gonna keep me feeling full until lunch and that's are like old white if you have that -- this it's gonna kick up your calories -- Of of course today by 25%. Ya I wanna get through some even -- grain -- you guys do again you -- a substitute something we use whole wheat flour. And we use -- not mag and we keep up a lot of the flavor and -- -- use soy milk and there only -- -- -- -- calories for -- I gotta say so it's not the yeah yeah we've got to have a lot more thought it just a couple other examples everybody because I do think that you'll have fun eating these aren't your diet. Teriyaki sandwich you say -- -- the low sodium. -- diet pizza -- possible. On your diet -- -- real crack OK the penny out of pocket so we took out the heavy -- -- -- the -- uses a little -- -- happened half an olive oil and then this is Wolfgang -- barbecued chicken -- you can have -- -- oh yes like on our diet as well as others celebs step recipe so you know they've really embrace. -- Because -- look right because you six pounds and seven days he'd lose twelve pounds in the month eating all of this means. Heats up pops up pancakes Omaha yeah. You guys thank -- somebody who you are on the recipes for more on the -- we want to go to our website Good Morning America dot com on yacht hill thanks ladies enjoy everybody we'll be right back yeah. --

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{"duration":"2:42","description":"Ellen Kunes, Frances Largeman-Roth explain how to lose weight and eat great.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15403142","title":"Cookbook Helps Carb Lovers Lose Weight","url":"/GMA/video/cookbook-helps-carb-lovers-lose-weight-15403142"}