Corey Lewandowski on Trump in the White House

Trump's former campaign manager tells "GMA" what he knows of Trump's mindset in the White House and how the president is reacting to the appointment of Robert Mueller as special counsel.
3:13 | 05/18/17

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Transcript for Corey Lewandowski on Trump in the White House
trump, he'll be back by the potomac, George. Joining us Corey Lewandowski, thanks for joining us again right now. You were spotted in the west wing I think on Tuesday this week. You've been talking fairly regularly to the president. How would you describe his state of mind right now? Look, the president is here to do the people's business and he's very focused on that. He has an aggressive agenda as you know, he already laid out an agenda to repeal and replace Obamacare and propose the largest tax cut in our nation's history and talked about getting a transportation infrastructure bill done which will we build our roads and bridges for America so he's continuing to do the people's business and continuing to change Washington for a fundamental way that things have not worked and that's why he was elected and that's why he's here. That's certainly his hope right now but as you know, everything is stalling. These dizzying revelations over the last several days. Do you think he understood what kind of trouble he was buying when he fired James Comey? Look, the president has the privilege of firing James Comey. James Comey has said that. And decided that James Comey was no longer up for the tank of being the director of the FBI. There's nothing wrong with that. Right, but did he know he would get this kind of backlash? I don't know the answer but as you know when you were in the white house your boss fired the FBI director in the first six months of his administration as well. There was a difference. That director was under investigation for ethics violations. He wasn't investigating the president. It was a firing that was widely accepted in Washington. I want to move on to what's happening inside the white house. There's a big story in "The Washington post" this morning saying the worst job in Washington right now working for trump and some pretty stunning off the record comments from aides saying it's always been full of leaks to the news media. The latest waves have shifted from warring aides bickering with each other to bickering among themselves to staffers training their frustrations on the president as well. Those who remain fully loyal report a growing sense of isolation. It talks about quietly rolling gripes among the staff with the president. Look, George, I don't know but what I do know is this and I've said it many types and it's worth repeating. Any person who serves in this administration whether in the white house or some other department that isn't fully supporting the president's agenda shouldn't be there. If you don't think the president's agenda is the right one then you have the prerogative as a staff member to leave at your earliest convenience and you should be fired if you're speaking to the press outside the course of the individuals authorized to speak to the press. This president was elected to bring change to Washington. There are many who don't want to see that happen. There are many people who have been in D.C. For a long time who didn't support the president but want jobs in the administration. It's simple. One agenda that needs to move forward and what 63 million voted for to bring him to Washington to change the country and for the first time in nine years when you ask the people is the country on the right track or the wrong track they're finally telling you the country is on the right track. That's where we should be going. Is there a loyalty problem inside the white house right now. I can tell you there are a number of people who the president is next to who are exceptionally loyal. If anybody isn't they shouldn't be there. I know the president well. There's no question I'm loyal to the president and want to make sure his agenda is getting done. If anybody doesn't have that they shouldn't be in the administration. Are you going to go into the white house. Only as a visitor. Corey Lewandowski, thanks for joining us this morning.

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{"id":47482831,"title":"Corey Lewandowski on Trump in the White House","duration":"3:13","description":"Trump's former campaign manager tells \"GMA\" what he knows of Trump's mindset in the White House and how the president is reacting to the appointment of Robert Mueller as special counsel.","url":"/GMA/video/corey-lewandowski-trump-white-house-47482831","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}