Coronado Mystery: Family Wants Body Exhumed

Family of Rebecca Zahau disagrees her death was the result of suicide.
2:04 | 10/27/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Coronado Mystery: Family Wants Body Exhumed
Under the Coronado mansion mystery the family Rebecca is -- house still questioning how the multi -- girlfriend died police say it was a suicide. But -- Dr. -- is on the case he's helping them exhume the body to get more questions answered. ABC -- it -- biggest it would work this morning. Good morning George case it's still got a lot of questions out there and Rebecca of the house clearly still wants answers about how she died. Now we'll see it all unfolds on daytime television. The family of Rebecca as a house as they want to exhume her body from this misery cemetery. Nearly two months after investigators ruled her bizarre death at this Coronado California mansion a suicide. But her family still does not believe it's a closed case and say they are turning to TV talk show host Dr. Phil McGraw for help. -- how was the girlfriend of wealthy pharmaceutical executive Jonas -- night her lifeless body was found naked hanging from a balcony. Her hands bound behind her back feet tied. Mouth gagged police say is -- how killed herself feeling responsible for the death of Shaq nice six year old son. Who fell down the stairs while she was baby sitting. But -- -- house family it never added up the house sister spoke to ABC's Elizabeth Vargas last month. You mean to tell me as somebody who is doing really well all 32 years a pro life. In a matter of two hours it's going to decide to do all of this elaborate plan. I'm now a new twist to house family wants her body re examined for signs of foul play. And they plan to announce the results of the Dr. Phil show in a statement Dr. Phil and his team said. We endorse the family's effort to search for closure to this terrible tragedy. The results will reportedly be released in November during television sweeps season. And the house family says it raised donations to pay for this expensive next step. According to some published reports some of those donations came from the Dr. Phil show charged.

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{"id":14824571,"title":"Coronado Mystery: Family Wants Body Exhumed","duration":"2:04","description":"Family of Rebecca Zahau disagrees her death was the result of suicide.","url":"/GMA/video/coronado-mystery-family-body-exhumed-14824571","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}