Pilot Deaths: What Happened in Condo?

Police trying to determine who would want to kill Navy pilots, two others.
2:59 | 01/04/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Pilot Deaths: What Happened in Condo?
-- 743 and now -- the bizarre New Year's Day shooting that left four people dead including two navy pilots the men both believed F eighteen fighter pilots. Were found dead along with one of her sisters. A third man also found that at the scene of police it is really possible office and ABC's educating. As much more on this assistance -- it is heartbreaking -- is it is a complete mystery right now Robin several law enforcement agencies are investigating including and CIA asked. Police are releasing few details about these men who were so probably protecting their country. The night began as a celebration of the new year. Brother and sister David and Karen -- and David's roommate Bob -- headed to a party in downtown San Diego. Recent -- were navy F eighteen fighter pilot stationed at Miramar -- was a local volleyball coach. And when -- -- -- Close there. She spent every game. The moment she -- with him at the party the three met up with a friend and after ringing in the new year headed to the pilots Condo. Where the night took a bizarre and violent turn the gunshots. Saying bang. Bang bang -- back. And -- -- fled to -- between first two on the list for. Next door neighbor Don Hubbard heard the shots around 215 police arrived on the scene at 222 a dire situation. Are responding swat deputies did not know if there was still a shooter. Inside the house. They utilized robots to search the first floor of the economy they found all four shot to death inside the Condo. Police on the scene said they were not looking for a suspect but with no apparent motive many in this small community are now left wondering what led to the deaths. Including the father of David and Karen -- who gave a phone interview to our local affiliate KG TV. -- red carpet -- a little. 25 year old David Reese had just received his wings. He can be seen here at the age of eighteen helping the community in an eagle scout project -- take out the weeds. -- as -- plants David's sister Karen just 24 had recently graduated from UC ST and was dating pilot Bob briefs. -- can't believe that this can happen in the town like this we don't have drawing -- we just don't have grown. So when something like this happens -- Bush's -- -- how it happened. Police won't confirm if this was a murder suicide and also haven't released the name of the third man involved or his connection. Police sources tell our affiliate KG TV investigation is now zeroing in on Bob -- the fighter pilots -- in your husband toll at nineteen fighter pilot with the same group same squadron -- unit it's at a teaching unit. You know I I talked to some pilots are -- completely devastated this is one of the worst things that has ever happened on the base dimensions all right and to thank you.

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{"id":15286385,"title":"Pilot Deaths: What Happened in Condo?","duration":"2:59","description":"Police trying to determine who would want to kill Navy pilots, two others.","url":"/GMA/video/coronado-pilot-murders-happened-navy-pilots-coronado-15286385","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}