Costa Concordia Set Upright Off Italian Coast

Twenty months after the cruise ship capsized, engineers lifted it from its watery grave.
1:54 | 09/17/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Costa Concordia Set Upright Off Italian Coast
The stunning feat of engineering overnight. You see the "costa concordia." The cruise ship that capsized. Affixed to a reef there. Lifted from its watery grave and giving us a new view of the immense damage. Lama hasan is there to show how engineers did it all. Reporter: Good morning, josh. It took 19, long hours, 7 hours longer than expected, because they needed to use more pulling force. They were finally able to pull off this amazing feat. All of it captured on camera in a stunning time lapse video. After a long day of pulling and rotating the vessel, maneuvering it so it slowly inches its way up and out of the water. Gravity taking over, in the early hours. Making it easier for the ship to move. Engineers were able to lift the vessel out of the mediterranean waters. And this is a moment that happened. Celebrations ringing out as the most complicated salvage operation in maritime history is now 80% complete. Everyone was very pleased. It was a good challenge. And it's not over yet. But at least it's, as we found it. Reporter: You can see the side of the ship covered in slime and scum, where it's been under water for the last 20 months and crushed like a building in an earthquake. Pulling this ship more than twice of the size of the "titanic" was an epic effort. The cruise liner is now resting and being supported by six underwater steel platforms. But the project isn't over. They have to attach huge steel boxes to the starboard side, for it to be dismantled. They're hoping to do this by spring next year.

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{"id":20277612,"title":"Costa Concordia Set Upright Off Italian Coast","duration":"1:54","description":"Twenty months after the cruise ship capsized, engineers lifted it from its watery grave.","url":"/GMA/video/costa-concordia-set-upright-off-italian-coast-20277612","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}