Cotton Bowl Player Turns Loss into Personal Win

Oklahoma Scooners player beats cancer while never missing a game.
2:44 | 01/05/13

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Transcript for Cotton Bowl Player Turns Loss into Personal Win
Emotional night at the cotton bowl between oklahoma and texas a&m. Despite losing, it was a magnificent finish for one of the sooners players who has inspired everybody, beating cancer while never missing a game this season, even as he went through chemotherapy treatments. Ron is back with that story. This is a great story. Reporter: It really is, dan. Big-time college football is hard enough. Imagine practicing and playing for months. And doing well in the classroom to be named an academic all-american, all the while battling cancer. That's what a young man named austin woods, big number 50, on the oklahoma sooners, did. When austin woods hit the field with his fellow oklahoma sooners for friday night's cotton bowl classic, he was fulfilling a lifelong dream. When I was a little kid. And it's great to be living it. Reporter: But it almost didn't happen. Earlier this year, during spring practices, woods felt something wasn't right. I thought it was mono. I didn't know what it was. Reporter: Late in april, the junior offensive lineman found out it was hodgkin's lymphoma, a form of blood cancer. When he began chemotherapy, it appeared that woods would have to sit out the season. But he was determined to keep playing. It's up between your ears. Your attitude and the heart you have. Reporter: Despite the harsh rounds of chemotherapy, which left him exhausted, woods kept coming to practice. One day, he'd miss a monday practice because he was in the hospital getting his chemotherapy. Tuesday, he'd be out there on the practice field. Reporter: Treatment after treatment, woods charged ahead. On the field, and on his twitter feed, with progress updates like, fighters mentality, round two. Six rounds of chemo down. And home stretch. All of them tagged #beatcancer50. All of his teammates fighting back. His biggest fans are his mom and dad. It was husband brother who showed him how to face down the big "c." When she was treated for cancer 50 years ago, liz woods didn't miss a single day of work. And woods tweeted, done with chemo. Thanks, everyone, for all the support, throughout all my treatments. His cancer was in remission. It told me a lot about myself and what attitude and the right mentality can do towards overcoming obstacles in life. And austin is the sooners' backup center. But he saw plenty of action in the cotton bowl. He always wanted to play since he was a little kid. The game didn't turn out so well for the sooners. They lost to texas a&m. But for austin, it was a personal triumph in his heroic fight against cancer.

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{"id":18138262,"title":"Cotton Bowl Player Turns Loss into Personal Win","duration":"2:44","description":"Oklahoma Scooners player beats cancer while never missing a game.","url":"/GMA/video/cotton-bowl-player-turns-loss-personal-win-18138262","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}