Countdown to Christmas: Ultimate Savings Secrets

Holiday shopping tips to find designer fashion at a low cost.
4:24 | 12/19/11

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Transcript for Countdown to Christmas: Ultimate Savings Secrets
Yeah. -- for Chris. -- everything every -- -- again. These are designer pieces and discount pricing -- off price retailer you know somebody's -- Robin good morning this is a search filled with potential traps. You have to be careful so I enlisted the assistance of an expert in style trends we hit some stores and scooped up some amazing deals and you can't -- -- -- Walking to -- local off price retailer. And you'll find a treasure trove of designer labels at discounted prices. Clothes shoes and bags -- up to 60% off everything seems like good -- But -- out the real fine that at TJ Maxx marshalls from Nordstrom rack takes -- determined savvy shopper. -- our first stop. We're going to get a shopping cart how -- and -- grocery -- Super silence Allison Danny had clued me hinted at secrets of how to shop off price. That's kind of overwhelming and I walk into a story like -- in the first question comes to my mind Edward like surfers. First -- walking in with an open mind. You can't come in saying I want a hot pink cocktail dress with -- around the collar because here it is about the thrill of the -- Hoffman high end designers make too much of a product or a department store -- too much. So each season off price retailers -- -- -- what's left Adam major discount. They slashed the prices forty to 60%. Addicts are just found these bags OK this is mark -- -- -- yet this -- -- -- -- -- 895. Now it's 296. -- TJ -- gave us a tour of their super secret -- group but they gather samples for next season's -- The very -- why his department stores will sell full price. But things go fast. Each week stores get up to 101000 pieces of new merchandise go to the store -- and just say listen I wanna be that's super savvy shopper. What days -- the trucks come and and one does boxing because I want to be here. -- -- -- who -- yeah let's look at some back live. Think it's a great little. -- -- holidays Macedonia maternity dress -- -- -- but he Blair it's easy to overspend here so give yourself a time limit. It can be outfit. Over stimulating for fuel on it coming here because let me start seeing. These. Some price is on the designer brands of the need to be your company from -- say they mice are sinking -- -- -- not done so that's I say give yourself a time limit I would say give yourself. -- thirty minutes. But the -- month. Trying to undo it is at Intel -- I don't get. I love this. I'm not jumping I don't know that the Allison -- -- edited down her thick and scooped up some amazing deals at case like that adding a -- says it this stress is selling for -- 325. I'm scooping up here for 120. -- -- is able to get -- -- -- -- -- -- to go -- his -- is impossible -- -- -- for 25 dollars a whole outfit for 150 dollars. Pitches less than an -- right then address. I think to -- -- Sort of put into the test -- -- -- -- to society of some -- great deals can get. Look at these dresses exactly the same -- -- one of them is from a designer retailer and the others from the off price retailer. Think that's very -- brother exactly the same -- -- benefit -- this one that's closest to us right. It's 59 dollars. The -- that Zack Taylor is a 160. Everybody the same week and then and it just took some time to go into the -- credit standings reminded -- -- -- -- -- here with the issues. The designer shoe store and these were 99 dollars. Off price retailer saying -- different -- 59 dollars a great deal -- again so it's great when you have the -- but even if you go off. Label -- but -- really racked up huge deals future -- 925 dollars all right Greta thank you very much.

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{"id":15187914,"title":"Countdown to Christmas: Ultimate Savings Secrets","duration":"4:24","description":"Holiday shopping tips to find designer fashion at a low cost. ","url":"/GMA/video/countdown-christmas-ultimate-savings-secrets-15187914","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}