Country Battles Extreme Weather

Wildfires rage in California and Oregon while torrential rains flood the Southwest.
1:42 | 08/03/14

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Transcript for Country Battles Extreme Weather
west. Tinderbox conditions in parts of California. Fires sweeping through parched fores forests. The southwest deals with the flip side, flooding. Brandi Hitt is in California with more. Reporter: Good morning. Parts of the southwest are getting hit with record-breaking rainfall. None of that rain is falling in the wildfire hot spots that need it most. Overnight, five states are battling extreme weather out west. California wildfires sparked by lightning causing governor jerry brown to declare a state of emergency after already issuing mandatory evacuations. And fires tearing through brush in Oregon and Washington. Across the southwest, the concern is flooding. Torrential rains turning the streets in Albuquerque into rushing rivers. Drivers abandoning vehicles. Some needing rescues. In Phoenix, more flooding. Strong winds also wreaked havoc. Some coming dangerously cloesz to home. Others crushing cars. In one terrifying moment, this Seattle man says he was struck by lightning. Oh, wow! Reporter: Lightning struck this tree in Washington starting another fire. More lightning spotted across Arizona overnight. More wildfires could soon spark. Unfortunately, hot and dry weather is expected to continue in the northwest, keeping the fire danger high. Add in the threat of more lightni lightning, you can understand why fire crews are so nervous. Brandi, thank you. This morning, crickets on

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{"id":24824232,"title":"Country Battles Extreme Weather ","duration":"1:42","description":"Wildfires rage in California and Oregon while torrential rains flood the Southwest.","url":"/GMA/video/country-battles-extreme-weather-24824232","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}