Couple Finds Over $10 Million in Gold Coins on Property

The anonymous California couple found the coins while taking their dog for a walk.
3:00 | 02/26/14

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Transcript for Couple Finds Over $10 Million in Gold Coins on Property
Lara, I guess there is gold in them their hills. Unbelievable story. It's true, robin. This is a California couple who goes out on a walk with their dog and they come home mul multimillionaires after stumbling on a veritable pot of gold. ♪ okay, this may not be a national treasure but coin collectors say it may be the biggest buried treasure ever found in the U.S. A collection of coins worth more than $10 million. It was found by a couple out doing the same stroll they do every day. There are many coins here that are better than anything anyone's ever seen. Reporter: Gold coins, some incredibly rare, the husband, wife and dog were on a path on their California ranch when they saw what looked like a rusty can sticking out of the ground. Full of dirt and they saw just the very rim of one coin sticking out and immediately knew what it was. Reporter: The couple unearthed more than 1400 U.S. Coins, all dating from the late 1800s and all in pristine condition. For safety concerns, the couple says they want to remain anonymous. They haven't even told extended family members and say no bank is safe enough either. The couple is keeping the coins right where they found them, saying in a statement, they dug a hole in the woodpile and cut a slab of green board to cover it. Put the coins in plastic bags then put them in a box inside an old ice chest and buried them. Most will be put up for sale on Amazon while the couple will hold on to a few keepsakes. Among the coins that they found, if you're a coin collector, the 1866 nomatto double eagle. That one coin is worth $1 million. The nomatta double eagle? Good, begin ir. We saw when Jon was speaking,

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{"id":22677909,"title":"Couple Finds Over $10 Million in Gold Coins on Property","duration":"3:00","description":"The anonymous California couple found the coins while taking their dog for a walk.","url":"/GMA/video/couple-finds-10-million-gold-coins-property-22677909","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}