Couple's Alleged Kidnapping Plot Revealed on Tape

Jailhouse video of a Florida couple shows their discussing alleged plot to kidnap their children.
4:16 | 09/25/13

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Transcript for Couple's Alleged Kidnapping Plot Revealed on Tape
the brand-new video of the bizarre case of a florida couple who kidnapped their own children trying to escape to cuba. The couple is in jail awaiting trial. And for the first time, we're seeing revealing surveillance video of them. Gio benitez has more on this story. Reporter: The new video you're about to see is part of the state's evidence file. Recorded in a jail holding cell, just moments after the couple was captured. Accused of an elaborate kidnapping. Even as they sat in a florida jail, accused of being international fugitives, in this video, you can see josh and sharon haken, hugging and kissing over and over again. Apparently plotting their defense. About this? Yeah. No one can know about this. I know. I know. Reporter: It was this april, when the hakkens disappeared from the marina, on this boat, with their 2-year-old sons. The children's dparents, frantically telling 911, the two boys had been taken by the hakkens, even though the parents lost custody. 911, what's your emergency? My son-in-law just kidnapped my two grandchildren. He tied me up. Reporter: These photos police say are from inside the boat, show two car seats, a gun and ammo. For days, police searched for that boat, suspecting the hakkens had sailed off to another country. Prosecutors say the hakkens had become paranoid, asking 11 countries for asylum. Accusing the u.S. Of, quote, hacking of our personal computers, microwave radiation weapons attacks. Even drugging our food. Then, just days later, a tip. Cameras spotted the boat in havana, cuba. Sorry we just didn't start the engine and try to make a run for it. Reporter: They didn't. Cuban officials alerted the u.S., Earning the hakkens a trip home on a plane escorted by police. Did you talk to him? No. I didn't say too much on the plane. That's okay. I'm sorry. It's okay. Reporter: The videos and letters are part of the evidence the state says it will present when the couple goes on trial for fallny kidnapping charges. The hakkens have pled not guilty. And according to these surveillance tapes, are planning how to handle their release. And the hakkes are still in jail, being held without bond. And base charges of kidnapping, child imprisonment and child neglect. We're going to bring in chief legal affairs anchor, dan abrams. So much about this case is bizarre. You have both parents here, being told they can't have custody of the kids. Apparently, they delusional. When the authorities showed up, they were smoking marijuana, with the kids scheming. And the kids try to steal their kids back. We see the seeds of a defense, with regard to her. Her lawyer now suggesting that she was beaten by him. So, expect to see the wife start to say, well, I was the victim here. And not just a perpetrator. The video we saw, they looked like they were pretty close. How will that video impact the case? It's going to be really important. There are almost confessions on there. Talking about how they did. Why they did it. How to avoid getting caught. They started talking about the jodi arias case on this. Remember, jodi arias got caught because she did this and that. We need to avoid doing that, as they sit being recorded on a tape about exactly what they're saying. And the exact that cuba freely gave them back. A lot of people were surprised. Not people who know the cuban government that well. But there's been a lot of cases where the cubans said, we're not helping. We have no extradition treaty with the united states. Why did they do it in this case? I don't think they wanted these people. They have no interest in them. What do we want these guys for? Thankfully, the children are okay. Back with the maternal grandparents.

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{"id":20367197,"title":"Couple's Alleged Kidnapping Plot Revealed on Tape","duration":"4:16","description":"Jailhouse video of a Florida couple shows their discussing alleged plot to kidnap their children.","url":"/GMA/video/couples-alleged-kidnapping-plot-revealed-tape-20367197","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}