Coupon Contest: ABC Anchor vs. Grocery Guru

Paula Faris faces off against Teri Gault to see how much they save on groceries.
4:27 | 01/18/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Coupon Contest: ABC Anchor vs. Grocery Guru
Jimmy is resident coupon -- is ABC's -- fairest this woman knows her way around a newspaper inserts. So we decided to cut policy expertise to the test in a face off against a fierce competitor a mom with a web site devoted to the secrets of savings. It's a story we first learned about -- Wall Street Journal and now -- is here to tell us how she dead -- I'm wolf first volume passed the first test that says is a coupon or coupon like I've been saying from the midwest and -- said I -- -- -- -- to me that's not a potato potato. But let's not culpable -- -- yeah -- not yet well all of us want to save a buck right but what you can save a hundred every time you went to the grocery store. What I'm about to tell you is not extreme coupon. I found out firsthand that I need is about thirty minutes a week and -- you can gain the groceries with some help from the sweetheart of savings Terry -- -- remember back in the days and -- means. Simple. -- monetary exchange and it's not just higher prices now. -- -- -- As a wife and -- of details I -- smiled when it comes to shopping savvy. So when I heard that is broad street who challenged immediately saving showdown. Sharpened my -- -- Chad Terry -- -- -- -- I'm cleaning town and come back area. Gary is the founder and CEO of the grocery game dot com a website that provides consumers with -- -- list of the lowest priced products coupons and in store sales in their area. The popular. Pound for pound. -- -- -- The -- stop and shopping -- New Jersey. Jane who could get the most groceries for a hundred bucks including indecent common pantry staples. So let the games. It's on sale in this -- Look at his savings and affect the operating. Here -- -- want to remain stagnant sales which combines content instantly deal. You already have a hundred dollars. She's got another -- mislead investigators. Or training back -- She says -- in full when things go on to. Sale without them. His favorite I have to or just like me today the stock won't have to take part -- the best to get it -- it. I'm realize that I really am -- -- and -- -- -- -- Kelly had married a third time. I have no idea what its -- completely lost. Little -- saying she's gonna show -- Holy cow. There's no way and all the other hundred dollars. And parents say this I'm sorry. We'll have seen it here. Yes you pretty much pick my tiny. OK so this is the moment -- trip here. My brain totaled -- 142 dollars and thirteen cents. Safety -- -- 10845. -- to take up. I think. I really need to. Which means it's -- final pit. Tiny you don't have to redeem coupons save -- -- Paper coupons usually expire in three months so you can -- your group. Start with the scary. Her total resource savings comes out to a whopping 209 dollars and fifty cents and now with eighteen stores sales of it's. Scary new totaled ninety dollars and one cent she staved off a 120 dollars savings -- -- -- -- Legitimate and not need this -- -- -- -- tips between quality news. Yeah. Now there are secret. Advertisements they're actually not advertised in the circular -- can -- and you can find out -- actually just going into the store or you can just go to grocery game -- -- she makes it so it's so easy for you also if you -- expired -- don't get -- -- -- you can donate them to military -- its own website -- and even use them all right thank you so much.

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{"id":15385427,"title":"Coupon Contest: ABC Anchor vs. Grocery Guru","duration":"4:27","description":"Paula Faris faces off against Teri Gault to see how much they save on groceries.","url":"/GMA/video/coupon-contest-abc-anchor-grocery-guru-15385427","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}