Couponing Kings and Queens Star in Reality Show

"Extreme Couponing All-Stars" challenges contestants to find the most savings.
5:19 | 12/27/11

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Transcript for Couponing Kings and Queens Star in Reality Show
Saving money is more than just in the -- city. It is eight. Full on competitive sport a true Oprah -- how to get through the check -- line without spending a dime and if you want to learn how to -- the deepest discounts. You should check out extreme confining all stars it's tonight on TLC where the best of the -- go head to head. In the competition for top honors and of course biggest savings ABC news -- Caligiuri is here let's sneak peek I love this show I am an active partner. Are you are you ready to be amazed castle -- finally about to -- we'll who'll greatest coupon king or queen over the next few weeks we'll see some of the highlights. And some of the -- from the original extreme combining series compete -- -- to the semi finals. You're about to see two different coup plotters with two very different strategies each one packed with valuable saving lessons. They can teach -- how to go to the store. Meet two of TOC's extreme coupon -- all stars. Michelle Wagner from Fulton Missouri she lives off coupons and her own land. I can take down a 185 pound here. Really don't think that you can beat me and Chris Duff from outside Pittsburgh Pennsylvania who coupons almost exclusively for charity it's like the story with the -- in the air. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They do lower pitted against each other to see who does the vested saving dollars with coupons. First -- -- each team has. On the clock to gather all their groceries. And not physically 500 dollars worth of retail items. Had at least fifteen different items. -- -- wondering more than three on the list in addition the teens are allowed to perhaps the first thing you're gonna pick up. Fraser how many sports drinks compact. They're sick of four point four what dial is he upright on the what -- Morrison six. But Scott. There -- one -- each -- -- shoppers are always armed with their own secrets of the trade strategy for shop. There's going to be. -- people good people in case. Prison -- -- ministries isn't clips coupons with his wife every Sunday they spend about an hour thumbing through -- -- circular. -- -- dollar and that there hasn't that would make it work. So how can you get some of their savings to listen up to these tips. Number one do not hand over all of your coupons at one. Not a matter of trust it's a matter. You -- By hand someone. One bowl -- for a little order pot in one of the two point fatalistic together tonight after his. Number two the Internet is your friend of many hidden deals out there that you wouldn't know -- -- what almost certain web site. And are all right also using FaceBook liking on the manufactures. Website and -- -- and they allow you can print -- high cotton who form. Number three Havilland trial sizes are very different but the savings can be just as big -- trial sites trying. The travel -- small -- of the full -- of the -- Kwanzaa is not now on trial side you can definitely needed on travel to. That's a good way to -- markings -- it -- well. Now back to the competition shoppers are you ready get your car. We'll start in three do -- and we'll. Chris is velocity -- slow and steady wins the race but can't beat -- ticking clock burning. Threatening. Like walking. Michelle looks like he's done shopping. In less than ten minutes. -- winner all the important -- ordered items. If she doesn't get them to check out in time -- be disqualified. Yeah Chris goes to get his pre ordered items worse they oneself and pretend we had a -- could be sentenced before matching up the announcement -- the dollar. -- offering he gets to the check out with a few minutes left in while going through -- checklist realized mark his pre ordered items aren't there and the clock is ticking. For -- them both Chris and Michelle are ready to measure their carts against the register. So who will come out on top. I have. But they don't write this on the block. I'm exhausted -- -- you know they are fears that just to give you an idea the pedigree of these contestants in his original episode Chris saved 100% of his 1170. Dollar purchase. And that second Stephen he also say that's right Josh -- -- a 100% of the 1735. Dollar purchases made. He's pretty new -- he's amazing Michelle. Quite so well but this isn't too bad the bill for her previous shopping trip came to a total of 857 dollars. She only paid 484. Bucks -- 44 doll that no state or by yes four dollars sport -- I'm amazed -- Amazing I love and all of the proceeds all their -- going to the banks that's going to be cuts I love the tip -- -- your manufacturer's website yes great idea. Right everybody extreme -- coupon in all stars premieres tonight on TLC. -- watching Elizabeth right yeah it took me to show she's.

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{"id":15238733,"title":"Couponing Kings and Queens Star in Reality Show","duration":"5:19","description":"\"Extreme Couponing All-Stars\" challenges contestants to find the most savings.","url":"/GMA/video/couponing-kings-queens-star-reality-show-15238733","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}