Couponing Masters Compete for the Best Deals

See how the best shoppers use coupons to save the most money.
4:37 | 01/06/12

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Transcript for Couponing Masters Compete for the Best Deals
But wouldn't talk about. Our love of stories about extreme -- -- right now. We're taking another look at a competition that pits the masters against each other and doing it as a new member of the ABC family is Paul let's -- Welcome Paula you so much for the warm welcome Robin is great to be here well last week we -- Chris -- and -- Tina -- make it to the next round of TLC's extreme Q potting competition. Now going to see two new competitors and get some of their money saving tips as well. It's a quest for the golden shopping cart. That competition is. Round one the team -- happened and that. Her -- with more than 900 dollars -- AC 99.9. 6% final -- nervous whatsoever in the next round -- why he's home now. 2800. Dollars worth of retail -- three 800%. Now that's a number to beat. Shoppers are competing to -- and it's the hardest and didn't in this coupon here -- the -- for the title of the -- I'm Paul start. This week to -- -- from north eastern Connecticut. Firstar is moving cartons of -- against implement Peterson from Chicago I'm -- -- all of -- practice at all. Judy called herself the coupon later and even -- and back. I use my coupons are still if I you zoom up and they get it tomorrow let's save -- although -- can't always dealing with -- -- -- You Monday but it's when that Peterson is confident about her shopping skills -- have a rap but I'm sick of -- His intent of the rules each. Contested in the -- Fifteen different items. Hours -- more and thirty minutes the day before the competition each -- -- this door noting where items they need to located at any. -- -- deals that weren't advertised. They also alarmed that the best ways to maximize their -- Traveling our spouse travels our friend or you have not Italian rally -- -- them just. Can you send -- Indians are continue buying me -- -- way you aren't sentenced to me by my at a fifty -- off coupon that we'll double to a dollar for dollar up so that he might hit 75 cents off that we'll double to a dollar fifty hot sunny key countries. They look at five. The conductor sends its passenger number one on the trains passing an animal on opens the envelope takes out any who finds he or she would like say they did not bicycle time. Then they take Michael -- -- We'll find fast tempo of the fight back again they extended and a passenger number -- And so on and so forth. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And you can get that bar -- right to the cashier at the brightest -- -- but it's time to race the clock. Three. -- -- Six to fifty -- items I may 28. Fell back the retail price is invalid and that won't -- Storm's death from any action and making fun and fast enough to make -- -- sixteen month sentence but as the clock ticks. -- -- And -- that realizes she's -- items from her list will she make the required total of more than 500 bucks will be disqualified. Meantime Judy second her -- -- hoping she -- who has hit the minimum as everything time. She stopped the clock put it looks like time has run out on Antoinette honey I think it's an effective. -- come -- -- -- You have to watch the show to find out who wins the winner is determined by whoever has the highest percentage and savings in the end and the best part. All keep honors will donate their entire hall to a local food bank credit I don't know that you can why can't I think I am a coupon about that haven't -- here OK here -- Tom. But they didn't look at that it's okay but this month expired probably and the problem is that that -- -- -- video and yet. And I usually forget to take it into the store to get that had to -- his -- actually if you cut bring. But yeah I love it like tomorrow night CNN can admire and that -- given back we're learning a lot out -- yeah I need help.

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{"id":15304231,"title":"Couponing Masters Compete for the Best Deals","duration":"4:37","description":"See how the best shoppers use coupons to save the most money. ","url":"/GMA/video/couponing-masters-compete-best-deals-15304231","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}