Courteney Cox Reveals Arquette's Romance Advice

Actress explains her ex-husband's thoughts regarding her romantic dry spell.
4:30 | 02/14/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Courteney Cox Reveals Arquette's Romance Advice
Get ready kick back with your favorite cul-de-sac crew tonight because they hit sitcom is back in joining us -- a dish about what's in store for this third season. And life right now executive producer and star Courteney Cox and it's good to have you back thank you -- -- don't look now but Josh and in. Brian they're all behind you. -- women children -- don't let them and sorry Chris -- waiting out there all day I can't just. Stay back you have to deal look -- now the -- -- but it's a great ensemble cast important and that's a bit more because it's coming back tonight. Valentine's Day very appropriate some romantic things are happening right I actually get engaged in tonight's episode. Normally we wouldn't give that away but. It's a really fun way to get engaged it's really creative and heartfelt and it's I love the way they showed just kind jumps right and it's never kind of -- they want -- but. We will yeah hopefully -- as he said he jumped right let's let's show everybody quick clip so they can understand cougar town. Why you care so much if I think -- predictable. Because you Donnie. Is -- You're seeing that I'm boring but -- like boring that's not the right thing to say hey announcer -- -- -- then sleeps down the hall. But that -- withdrew from here the character -- Matt. -- don't don't mean to say that they're executive producer yours and also been some directing right to yeah objected to witnesses this year and I am absolutely loved it it's. Her -- my personality. I can't wait television it's picked up by -- -- I love this job and now a major act a lot next year and you really seem to be enjoying the direct answers -- the first time he directed. No injury to -- a couple of years ago with the -- -- and Rosemary Harris. Wow pretty big name art. Men than -- did the two episodes in I'm about to -- something for lifetime called Paul hot -- -- two story. With some male driven drama club will -- quarterback thinking what the show -- town. I've been watching from the beginning and it really seems this isn't -- like it take on your life a little bit because your character jewels. Forty something. Gone to a divorce you know raising a child the all this visit is it true to life in some ways I mean in the same thing different. From jewels and myself is that when they wrote the pilot. I -- -- getting a divorce. Mainly it is they live and no one -- -- I amounts -- very similar to my character -- Phil Lawrence and Kevin -- who created the show we spend a lot of time together and every week we spend so much time that they actually are writing more of my personality -- The whole thing about big -- and big car -- -- these drinks it's not I'm -- functioning alcoholic like jewels is. But I do for a larger lesson for my -- -- and you -- your daughter. Being apartment cocoa leaf fell in love with dance and of -- are seeing her there cheering on her dad's -- like -- and then having. What have they have me about how do you think what they're. -- so ridiculous. -- I just directed her in that last sentence of that I did in the and we were doing his thing where Bobby and I were wearing white shirts and we had a contest where no one can -- who who got. You know who did during the fastest. And -- was walking by with a double scoop of ice cream and that and you know the first take she'll do right into the camera and instead -- agent -- they're teaching job right is -- image together at -- only Forte says not bad not bad someone -- -- her eight. David was here David Arquette was here last week and he's going to be a part of the show as well and is very excited about that. We can't help but remember the last time you were here on Good Morning America David had just been on the Howard Stern radio show. Fast forward and you -- just on what happened what are we doing. And eleven for both really big fans of Howard Dean -- Howard -- me sometimes -- you know -- -- and that's -- he does. But down I I don't know you know Davis -- so much time calling me up saying I got scored they're not mad at me and then. I had to talk about this time that house and their -- -- and that the kid -- it's not like that mean we're both David I was very open people's to a fault. There's no mystery with us tonight and there's no mystery that you all get along very well that he spoke glowingly about that. What's great to have you back to -- -- have cougar -- back thank you so much enjoy yourself and the see the premiere -- -- down airs tonight 83730 central. Right here -- ABC.

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{"id":15584761,"title":"Courteney Cox Reveals Arquette's Romance Advice","duration":"4:30","description":"Actress explains her ex-husband's thoughts regarding her romantic dry spell.","url":"/GMA/video/courteney-cox-reveals-arquettes-romance-advice-15584761","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}