Crash Scene Eyewitness: 'Bodies Scattered Everywhere'

John Wendle reports from the Malaysia Airlines crash scene in Ukraine.
3:53 | 07/17/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Crash Scene Eyewitness: 'Bodies Scattered Everywhere'
We do have a reporter on the ground right now on ABC freelance -- John Wendell. Photographer and video are good for -- at the crash -- John tell us what you see. Yeah I'm here right now -- -- near the village of Kabul. And there are a number of emergency vehicles that have turned up -- Ukrainian. The Ukrainian emergency services are here they have the tables set up with a -- and they seem to be having a meeting right now trying to determine what's going on. Also it's pretty remote country road and -- there are rebel fighters here. I'm -- secured that area. -- I heard you speaking about earlier. I did see part of fuselage. Year the road. And then kind of spread out an area it's it's dark here right now so it's difficult see anything I think it's. You know -- the situation disposable -- you know it's situation will become clear. -- ten -- night there. Right now I think -- you say you say there you see Ukrainian emergency services on the scene but also the rebels -- who's in control of the area can you tell. Militarily it's definitely the rebels. This thing is is would -- emergency services. To a degree they they have kind of been able to respond to certain events. In a professional manner for example. Two days ago upon. Hit a small town -- occasionally. The kind of -- to the east of here. And -- killed twelve people and the Ukrainian emergency service -- reacted I was being looked -- yesterday in the year Ukrainian circus that's where there as well. Tearing down part of a building that had also been hit by an artillery -- So. I was speaking to the head of emergency service there and he was saying that you know you have. People who are working with him who may have been on the rebel side vote but in situations like this -- it's very period. No commercial. -- hopefully. -- we have partial -- but people around who is talking to either. By itself rebel -- -- weapon he just pointed out with a flashlight on the ground that there is some. There there's blood. Splattered everywhere and pieces. Pieces of remains here are. You can see yeah. Yeah. It's pretty pretty grim site I spoke with a colleague who arrived here about an hour before I just. And justices and -- he says there's bodies scattered all over the place. Bomb -- its countryside road. -- And it looks like there is kind of yet this Arab -- -- season terrible it it this small country -- going between two fields. Yeah and I'm sure. As the sun comes up here in a few hours sure it will it will not be able to clarify the situation there's been walking with some with flashlights -- the field right now and rebels which guns what. And I'm actually wish. -- But a guy who's. Kind of one of the leaders of your full beard keeps soaring the scene right now is some clothes security detail. -- he's actually from Moscow. -- This is -- end here. This is a leader of the rebels. Yet what exactly are they doing now how many of them are there. I'm his security. Did. Little Hussein he. I'm they're shining flashlights out into the field now there are their bodies scattered everywhere it's. That you shined a light on what globes. As -- -- -- --

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{"duration":"3:53","description":"John Wendle reports from the Malaysia Airlines crash scene in Ukraine.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"24606177","title":"Crash Scene Eyewitness: 'Bodies Scattered Everywhere'","url":"/GMA/video/crash-scene-eyewitness-reports-bodies-scattered-everywhere-24606177"}