Crawford's Daughter, 10, Makes Modeling Debut

Cindy Crawford's daughter Kaia begins career at an earlier age than her mom.
5:22 | 01/19/12

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Transcript for Crawford's Daughter, 10, Makes Modeling Debut
Like mother like daughter back in the ninety supermodel Cindy Crawford let's everywhere magazine covers ad campaigns and commercials. -- -- her daughter just ten years old is picking up where mom left off. In choosing -- didn't hear that story. So could this family look at a more perfect that the father -- a model that that sun has course everybody's questions. They are certainly big shoes to fill Cindy Crawford has -- more than a thousand magazine covers and her two decade plus career. And while key it is not a cover model just yet she does have about a seven year jumped on her mom's career already. She's super model of -- super -- Cindy Crawford has blocked the runway four decade. Think now there's a new kid in town and it just so happens to be her own. -- Gerber maybe ten years old but is -- spitting image of her mother. Genetically -- you have a girl who's really beautiful. And why not seize that opportunity. With their mom standing by on sat this supermodel and training posed for the first ever young Versace campaign. Is -- -- if kids -- sure. What's fantastic about an almost distant jive talking about the ad is she looks exactly like Cindy -- hair down to the post. Cindy was amused to Gianni Versace in the -- -- this time around. I'm so thrilled at coyote was chosen you have so many fond memories of the times I spent with -- and -- -- -- -- -- Versace's praised kind of saying like her mother -- and it's a very special guest this camera really really love sir. Highest career actually started before she could even -- in his 2002 Diet Pepsi -- with her mom. -- -- really incredible career ahead of herself that she really wants that. The newest phenom is following in the footsteps of other celebrity kids who -- are laid their golden genes into modeling magic. Riley -- daughter of Lisa Marie Presley has modeled for dolce gabbana and -- York. Heather Locklear and Richie Sambora watched as their -- thirteen year old Pedro walked the runway. For her death fashion -- white trash can play ten. And for -- -- spring 2011 children. -- Jennifer Lopez showed off her adorable twins Max and Emmy. -- -- Jennifer Lopez is telling you think glamour and you think style this same thing missing -- and luckily this isn't beautiful young girl. But also the reputation of -- -- really helps a child in the -- You probably can't accuse Cindy Crawford or any of these other famous moms are pushing their kids into the business because they've all seen the ugly -- side of the modeling business and are comfortable aghast letting their kids get involved. As we said Cindy was there. For -- as -- -- issue and it's -- Johnny Versace -- -- I don't know I said that. What that is one beautiful isn't she gorgeous it is so stunning I think she has an amazing future if that's what she wants remember her mom was a chemical engineering student on a scholarship to northwestern. To find some brains on on their -- lot going on their living.

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{"id":15392891,"title":"Crawford's Daughter, 10, Makes Modeling Debut","duration":"5:22","description":"Cindy Crawford's daughter Kaia begins career at an earlier age than her mom.","url":"/GMA/video/crawfords-daughter-10-makes-modeling-debut-15392891","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}