Report Says Meth-Like Compound Found in Supplement

Researchers say a cousin of methamphetamine was found in the sports supplement Craze.
1:47 | 10/15/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Report Says Meth-Like Compound Found in Supplement
A health alert about the sports supplement called craze. A new report ties the supplement to a dangerous drug. And abc's david kerley has the story. Reporter: On youtube, there are plenty of testimonials. I love the supplement. It's the only preworkout a really -- Reporter: They're talking about an award-winning supplement, called craze. Craze really is crazy. Reporter: But researchers, including one from harvard, and a testing group that works for the supplement industry, looked at three samples. Two purchased online. One from a store. They say they found a chemical in craze that is a cousin to methamphetamine. I think they're playing with stimulants to get something juiced up to workout. Reporter: In the short article just published, the researchers go as far as to call the compound, a potentially dangerous designer drug. But they admit, it's not been tested. And its effects in humans are entirely unknown. An attorney for the company that makes craze, tells abc news, the researchers have it wrong. The company cites its own testing that found none of the methamphetamine-like chemical in its product. Saying its conclusions regarding the safety and composition has not changed. It's safe and effective. And don't expect the government to step into this one. Supplements aren't treated like drugs. They're treated like food. With supplements, it's the wild, wild west. There's no proof that they work. And they only take them off the market if someone's been harmed. Reporter: The harvard researcher is urging the government to do something. In the meantime, he and his colleagues are warning consumers about what they say is in the supplement and not on the label. Now, new hope for the family

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{"id":20573212,"title":"Report Says Meth-Like Compound Found in Supplement","duration":"1:47","description":"Researchers say a cousin of methamphetamine was found in the sports supplement Craze.","url":"/GMA/video/craze-sports-supplement-reportedly-meth-compound-20573212","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}