WWYD?: 'Creepy' Photographer Targets Teen Girls

ABC's John Quinones asks "What Would You Do?" in this situation.
3:27 | 01/27/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for WWYD?: 'Creepy' Photographer Targets Teen Girls
What would you do is back tonight with a scenario that everyone who has daughters will want to watch -- -- a photographer chatting up teenage girls all of course played by actors. Any offers them what seems like a chance of the big time. But something about the whole scene is a bit sinister. ABC's John -- -- -- tells more about -- -- show one couple really grappling with a -- it's really insisting this so we have to starry eyed teens. Who -- out for a meal when they're discovered by a creepy photographer who claims. He is looking for young talent he promises to make them girls modeling dreams come true but. There's only one catch they have to go back to his studio in his house. What would you do -- -- this. Photo shoot. Magazine -- Just like the -- supermodels. Young girls are obsessed with the. How gullible and they -- Legal Levine sometime. And -- -- Actually be doing that. At first mark center and Katie Slattery seem to think the girl's dreams of making it to the big time. Are running short shots until one of -- actresses but seems concerned. Here's studio thinking how. It's yet in the face and have a cold and lights and everything. We'll be back departments are -- Clinton. -- -- has the trouble begins to debate over who should say -- who we tell one of Iraq uses to go to the back. I think it's in -- victory. -- -- Smart decide it's now or never. It's time for mark and Katie didn't try to reason with -- block yeah. That little conversation. -- Creepy. Thing and it's just that. Jeremy returns as the mood against ten this news today. -- if you want to humans actually in. Looks -- -- lawn again Martin tries to help the girls -- your card and bad nights and get back to you. -- got everything is got to be tonight. -- -- and doing what -- where everyone and you are just ahead of the deadline aliens. My -- this how. The business works its policy you have to do you don't -- I totally understand that this is shot -- tonight. And now mark that's hurting now I think you should leave you. She got -- -- out. KR us OK OK all right I'm going to you know. Yeah. Let us know in good good to you weren't gonna let him take about them and they could endanger -- -- I mean. Better then. Not to -- him. Another hero now those two young girls are actresses of course and they told us that this sort of thing. Happens all too often -- advice to aspiring models -- follow your instincts if something doesn't seem right. The promise of state George is not worth the -- they felt that hair to be little plant like -- one -- -- time thanks very much would you -- is on tonight at 9:8 central. On ABC.

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{"id":15456010,"title":"WWYD?: 'Creepy' Photographer Targets Teen Girls","duration":"3:27","description":"ABC's John Quinones asks \"What Would You Do?\" in this situation.","url":"/GMA/video/creepy-photographer-targets-teen-girls-15456010","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}