Crop Tops Become Spring's Top Fashion Trend

How can you rock the latest trend that's becoming more popular as temperatures heat up?
2:37 | 05/13/14

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Transcript for Crop Tops Become Spring's Top Fashion Trend
We were checking out these outfits. And wondering. And wishing. And wondering. It's a big trend of the season, crop tops. Even if you think you're not ab fab enough to pull off this look, apparently you, too, can rock the crop top. And Sara Haines will explain now. Reporter: It's becoming spring's hottest fashion statement. The crop top. Rihanna and Emma stone baring their midriffs at last week's met gala. But it's not the easiest trend to pull off. We went to the experts at "Lucky" magazine for a tummy tutorial. It's not like the crop tops of the past. It's a new crop top. And they're hugely in fashion right now. We have Noel here, who is in a crop top. Just a sliver of skin, with an adorable skirt that's really cute. We have Jenna here. She's in a knit crop top. This is a great weekend look. And Megan paired it with a full skirt, as well. That's the silhouette we like the most at "Lucky." And Jane in a crochet eyelet situation that we love. Reporter: And then, there's the styles you would never wear to the office. This is definitely on the racier side. You could see Rihanna wearing this. This is a training bra. We Lu ove it, though. This is something a girl would wear under. Reporter: We visited equinox, one of New York's hottest fitness clubs. Take it over your shoulder. Now, squeeze your right buttocks and anchor your hips. Do you feel that already? Yeah. Raise it up over the shoulder and chop. Bring the legs ul to the ceiling. And lower your legs to the point of control. I can feel it shaking. Lift your head and shoulders off. That right there. And you want to hold. It's not worth it. It is worth it. There's going to be no crop top. For "Good morning America," Sara Haines, New York. I feel like once you go north of 40 -- yeah. I did that. It was called the 1980s. Agree. And you have weighed in. We asked you earlier, would you rock the crop top? And the result, 15% yes. 85% are with us, not so much. Crop top, muffin top, no go. Coming up, seeing double.

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{"id":23693821,"title":"Crop Tops Become Spring's Top Fashion Trend","duration":"2:37","description":"How can you rock the latest trend that's becoming more popular as temperatures heat up?","url":"/GMA/video/crop-tops-springs-top-fashion-trend-23693821","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}