Crucial Catch: NFL Tackles Breast Cancer Screening

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell discusses league's push to get women screened.
3:32 | 10/19/11

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Transcript for Crucial Catch: NFL Tackles Breast Cancer Screening
It gives our favorite color -- you -- a lot of pain. The NFL on Sunday more than 40% of football fans that you see here our weapons. The NFL knows that and it's reaching out -- -- 78 million women. And the people who love them -- the lifesaving event during October which is of course Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The NFL family from the players the coaches -- -- cheerleaders are front office and fans wearing pink. As part of an initiative called a crucial catch annual screening saves lives in here to tell us -- none other than the commissioner. Himself and Roger Goodell. Thank you very much retreating here and him what to all the doing this is the third -- now for many years they NFL separately the teams have been involved. But this is the third year the league wide you've had this. Well it's a league wide initiative to really make a statement that we can make a difference for millions of people that are -- -- cancer. And their families and we have a stage and we have an opportunity to make a difference and we want to take advantage of that -- -- you were touched by personally with their mother in -- her curiously New York 23 years old with I was point two years old she passed away at age 5030 so we'll have we have advances and the knowledge that we have now medicine and obviously the early detection. Who knows she may be -- today. And I -- to it's been very forward thinking on the part of the -- what what is the response of the players it in the locker rooms it is certainly something of a fashion statement. You know they're -- they're loving it. Because everybody's had been you know these days there are affected by this disease whether it's your wife your mother. Sister everybody's impacted by this disease and they have a chance to -- -- -- talk about that and having the chance to show their support for people who are affected by the. Still some video I love seeing big burly. -- any -- on Sunday and a new rocket heads and everything like that and they really truly have embraced this happened thing. They really do they love that they love the ability to up there and make a statement. And certainly one of support and that's what they do in our players do great things are owners -- connected by this -- was it's a great opportunity for a. I -- as the father of three year old girl it's much easier to get her to sit on the -- Honey on Sundays -- not kidding when I just look at the -- The rich middle real men Wear pink and when you're the vikings purple and it looks it looks but it does look great it's great and it's a great way. They also would suck up my daughter about things beyond. The field. Well and we hope that that's a great thing because football brings people together and it's it's an opportunity for people. We'll talk about what's happening in the world and -- that's a great opportunity to be able to I have twin daughters -- -- repeated chances during football together in and talk about the real world. And you know the NFL has been well represented on Dancing With The Stars. Yesterday now I think that's -- champions and it's methods -- been attending a Hines Ward -- right lesser Jerry Rice and any really. Kind of connection goes it's a great opportunity given to show that adversity -- players. People involved with the unit they're great athletes and of the great dancers that's ballet. It is it's not that bella that's what we go to the good -- -- contact definitely. And -- -- you've got to have a road trip coming up don't. I am I'm leaving for London tonight we have another regular season game in London this year we have the -- -- the bears going on Sunday -- and so we're we've tonight. Wonderful thing. -- commissioner Goodell thing thank you Robin thanks a lot Josh thank everyone here you fifth everything thank you -- thank you think that's terrible I think like alcohol. They who don't you have all American.

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{"id":14768723,"title":"Crucial Catch: NFL Tackles Breast Cancer Screening","duration":"3:32","description":"NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell discusses league's push to get women screened.","url":"/GMA/video/crucial-catch-nfl-tackles-breast-cancer-screening-14768723","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}