Cruise Disaster: Where Was the Captain?

Captain reportedly ordered back to sinking ship after running.
2:51 | 01/17/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Cruise Disaster: Where Was the Captain?
The ship's captain is facing possible criminal charges for deliberately steering the ship off course. And he's also being accused of abandoning ship before all the passengers were secure ABC's Brian Ross joins us now and Bryant. That's about the most dishonorable thing captain can do absolutely isn't fat Italian prosecutors this morning are pushing hard to put the captain -- Scott Tino. On trial and behind bars building a case that his behavior was reckless cowardly and deadly. The 52 year old captain was brought to court this morning from the jail where he's been held since Saturday. Italian prosecutors say the growing evidence shows he was responsible for the accident and then failed to protect his passengers. -- -- Tino has claimed the ship hit uncharted rocks and that he acted dishonorably. -- since we were the last to leave he told reporters but that's not true according to an Italian newspaper account of a Port Authority radio transmission to the captain. Captain this is an order now I am -- -- get back on that ship and coordinate the operations there are already casualties. Captain how many. Port Authority. You should tell me that what do you want to do go home. Now you get back on that -- and tell us what can be done how many people are still there and what do they need. Captain OK OK I am going as a captain for the -- line since 2006. The year the Concord he was launched. The dark haired Devin Harris -- keynote with described as a favorite with hasn't especially -- But if it is true peace and other officers fled this leaving passengers time it would be a clear violation of what is regarded as. The first law -- The captain -- the last person to leave the to leave a sinking ship I find it very hard to understand how any captain under. Such dire circumstances would elect to lead the vessel. The crossed -- -- says the captain was wrong to -- so close to the island. Although this video from Italian TV is said to show the kind of Chordiant horns blaring one night last August ceiling within a few hundred feet of the island. Of course the cost -- -- says was authorized and approved in advance. Prosecutors. Captain -- -- went beyond -- procedure was a reckless show -- ultimately. Raising questions about the cruise line itself. And who it hires to captain its ships that went to screen out the risk takers you want to screen out the hot daughters who -- -- screen out people. Who are not willing to take responsibility. In a published account this morning a cook onboard the ships and a full half hour after the incident. The captain were still asking for his dinner and drinks he was seen with a female companion. And he reportedly demanded to know where his companions dessert was. Prosecutors this morning say they plan to bring manslaughter charges which you bring a prison term of at least fifteen years.

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{"id":15376483,"title":"Cruise Disaster: Where Was the Captain?","duration":"2:51","description":"Captain reportedly ordered back to sinking ship after running.","url":"/GMA/video/cruise-disaster-captain-15376483","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}