Cruise Ship Disaster Claims Another Victim

Rescuers found another body this weekend, dimming hopes for more survivors.
2:24 | 01/22/12

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Transcript for Cruise Ship Disaster Claims Another Victim
Well this morning in Italy the victims of the cruise ship disaster being remembered at a memorial service the death toll rose this weekend as the expectation that any of the twenty missing passengers survived has grown -- him. ABC's llama Hasan is on G McNeil island where she's been covering this disaster for us from the beginning good morning Lama. Good morning beyond a while this morning search efforts on the count caustic and what do you have resumed -- -- being suspended overnight. Because the ship was moving at a rate of half an inch an hour so it was too dangerous for the divers it's adding -- resumed on the -- -- of the ship. Meanwhile they are recovering new evidence they found captain -- is pitino's. Safe as well as surveillance video from aboard the ship which investigates -- will be taking and a cap. New audio -- posted by Italian television and -- -- and even more questions about what happened on board got mice and when the captain left his ship. In this competition with the Coast Guard captain Francesco sticky notes health officials on the mainland. There were more or less 200 to 300 still on board. The Coast Guard office. Captain is everyone going to abandon the ship or someone dentist day. Tina replies I'm going to stay here. This morning on the -- -- -- -- search efforts suspended again after the massive line of balancing on a rocky ledge of the ocean floor. Shifted slightly every night. We Arabia. Blaming to a game the death total now 1220. Still missing families desperate for news of their loved ones. These relics from inside the ship's chapel were recovered and brought to Latin. Ropes life preservers perhaps most haunting of all partially eaten dinner rolls. -- and Jerry -- children have not lost hope. Saturday -- evening met Italian officials on left flowers in the water for their parents. Daisies -- their mother white roses for their father. But the search efforts for the missing are delaying -- -- -- the 500000. Gallons of fuel from the can -- tax. These boats had been standing by for days. But the hall's son and daughter are on the island once again and meeting with this here is CEO of the company that it's caustic and forty -- And they've met with the captain and in charge of the search operation here who told them. They were not giving.

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{"id":15414599,"title":"Cruise Ship Disaster Claims Another Victim","duration":"2:24","description":"Rescuers found another body this weekend, dimming hopes for more survivors. ","url":"/GMA/video/cruise-ship-disaster-claims-victim-15414599","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}