Cruise Ship Survivors: Crew Had 'No Direction'

Arthur and Alex Beach discuss the evacuation of the Italian cruise ship.
5:05 | 01/17/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Cruise Ship Survivors: Crew Had 'No Direction'
Joining us now are -- and Alex -- they were on. That cruise ship and it's very good to have you both with us here this morning and -- let me ask -- reaction to hearing that the captain may have indeed. Taken this ship off course on purpose Alex. I didn't hear that this morning and that is terribly troubling -- I have been concerned about. His actions -- from the very beginning hand I feel there is some liability there. And the captain. -- facing the charges that he is and the fact that. So many said that he left the ship early for both the view how to -- how do you feel about his actions in particular. Well you know obviously there's an investigation needs to be conducted if he violated the rules and policy. Or she should be. Penalized -- -- whatever manners appropriate. I believed he delayed the evacuation. Order -- that is what cost lives if if he had ordered it. Immediately. They could have lowered all of the -- on both sides of the ship. And they could have gotten everyone off and so I think his actions cause the loss of life. And tell us about the actions of the crew Alex after the accident happened. I thought they did absolutely everything they possibly could to help us they had no direction that. And obviously they had to say something like this before that they stay with us and and and helped us as best they knew half. And so I don't I don't have any complaint -- him we saw no upper level. And -- leadership at all. And that is where I think the -- life there was knowing giving directions from from the officer level on on the ship. Thankfully you both were able to make it to. A life -- Alex can you tell us what happened once you're in the boat. Well it took five tries to getting and we kept -- calling. -- and they work are peaceful and people were pushing him shouting and screaming. There -- some champion automatic life and even though was already -- We got to the fifth flying again. It looked like we were going to get on but you really didn't have to be aggressive and push your way -- apartments behind me and pushing me forward and we when we got to where we could get on I heard someone say -- nine spots left. And I know that your family was very very concerned about you and including your nephew of Jesse Tyler Ferguson who is an actor. On modern family any call view from the Golden Globes to make sure you're okay Alex. -- I -- when we got home on. Sunday evening we actually got out. Italy and -- -- Barcelona I think sooner than than many of the people did and I got home and I have a message from a. Gay nephew -- family members this very very relieved that you're back here and that you're safe and sound like Alex and Arthur thank you very much. For sharing your story with us this morning we certainly do appreciate -- -- take care. -- over -- hundred thank you.

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{"id":15376534,"title":"Cruise Ship Survivors: Crew Had 'No Direction'","duration":"5:05","description":"Arthur and Alex Beach discuss the evacuation of the Italian cruise ship.","url":"/GMA/video/cruise-ship-survivors-crew-direction-15376534","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}