Crying Toddler Allegedly Slapped During Flight

The child's mother talks about the incident in which a man allegedly hit her adopted son.
2:25 | 02/18/13

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Transcript for Crying Toddler Allegedly Slapped During Flight
Turning out the latest on the shocking story of an Idaho man now facing a federal charge for allegedly slapping a toddler on an airline flight. ABC's John Mueller spoke with the child's mother and joins us now John good morning. Good morning Amy anyone who's ever flown knows about crying babies it's certainly take some patients but this case boggles the mind this morning -- mother speaking out about the stranger. Accused of the unthinkable calling an innocent toddler in pain. -- horrible racial slur and then hitting him. Jonas started crying because the -- has gone down. But choked up Jessica Bennett re living her pain when a passenger seated next to -- on an airplane allegedly called her nineteen month old adopted son -- and -- the N word and slapped him in the face that I looked at me. Check has had and sad. The FBI says this is the guy sixty year old Joseph Hundley the president of an -- parts company in Idaho. Now charged with assaulting a minor. It all went down just over a week ago -- a delta flight from Minneapolis to Atlanta in -- 28 of the plane. Jessica and Jonah had the -- -- -- the window. And he would put his mouth into my ear and he said again. And I had to push his face away from me and I screamed. And this caused a commotion and other passengers because they got -- in the house set up and wants to intervene. And at that point as when he hit my child -- -- suffered cuts and bruises to his Somalis mom says he's doing better. She says he's become distrustful of strangers. He knows that a stranger had hand he's aware of bats he is very leery of strangers now. This isn't the first run in with the law for -- who's being charged with assault last year he was arrested for DUY in Idaho. -- employer AGC aerospace and defense company says he's no longer with the company. The statement does not specify if he quit or was fired -- his dad wasn't on the plane -- -- -- he says that was probably a good thing. So I can tell you without question that had -- seen anybody is solved my child that. I would take physical action and incapacitate them so they can do anything. Now in court documents a witness backs up the story saying he saw the child gets hit. Hundley could face a year in jail if convicted as attorney says quote hopefully the situation to be resolved -- people probably very nice no one should rush to judgment.

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{"id":18528228,"title":"Crying Toddler Allegedly Slapped During Flight","duration":"2:25","description":"The child's mother talks about the incident in which a man allegedly hit her adopted son.","url":"/GMA/video/crying-toddler-jonah-bennett-allegedly-slapped-stranger-flight-18528228","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}