Cupcake 'ATM' Struggles to Keep Pace

Lara Spencer, Kermit the Frog reveal what's buzzing on the Pop News Heat Index.
3:30 | 03/13/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Cupcake 'ATM' Struggles to Keep Pace
-- -- -- I certainly does it give it isn't over -- and -- -- -- wouldn't know what oddly Herman Cain was quite available -- a little the very strength of when I got exclusive coming up later and yes yes. Giuliani got this I would love to -- -- -- of opinion get right to it felt look at have you heard this story. But we told you about the company ATM you know lay -- big deal last week William Harvey 8 PM on May cupcake -- -- apparently. So popular they cannot keep up with the demand over a thousand people a day trying to make withdrawals at the Beverly Hills and optimistic -- -- -- six. Cupcakes there. Hours at one point BACM broke down last week. Because of the suspension because -- -- minutes that that's a thousand people and one big yeah. It happens you're getting your income -- Gone -- -- she loves -- You know who doesn't frankly know anyway that the machine now I'll let her on the fifty people deep snow the line is when I got the big deal here is that the great story you can go inside there's no line to get your current -- want to use the machine very strange you know -- Right so I don't think -- -- let me -- this. This -- Sophia so far it's a good visit -- yes yes poverty and. I -- suggest she -- -- she initiated seed this year the actors turning before college I like to Cornel -- The new thirty in July networks and she's telling -- an issue of in style magazine she could care less about the number you know. -- -- -- the modern family star says that she never wears sneakers her favorite kind of -- is something that. Anything frankly that doesn't mess -- her hair -- perhaps her most likable traits. Aside from the obvious. -- come -- cotton candy machines aren't fixing -- migrants OK and you know. I -- I find what you -- doing I find it wonderful that an extremely attractive woman who only -- high heels and a sticky kitchen. That -- could. Yeah. The idea and that's your ability artworks for me I didn't I didn't you. They should've been dot magazine on newsstands march 16 marked out being punctured right here and -- also this called on this judge has just then went -- the -- ever. Both for a little thought the news that both burn -- what sense this is welcome to her -- and bonus combined and it's not every day you to report Darth -- Yeah this bloody cycle wondering kilts and playing the -- I don't know stringer and that's very strange start wars meets Braveheart on the streets of -- or if for no apparent. Three -- It's -- iron bridge is -- -- is. Brian -- he calls himself the unified front and -- I just had to showing off his eyes so to salaries friendship and finally -- didn't have to show us I want you. -- to your specific. You're you're probably chatter coming here so we always -- diet and Atlanta last do you guys and I think it's never good to fall asleep on the job especially when I'm John listen not known is anchoring news shout home -- Simon McCoy was just trying to catch a few -- -- hold on there they're throwing it hadn't hadn't called the -- -- if he jumps up. His co anchors sitting next to men -- treated intravenous caffeine now being administered to excitement. McCoy and that is often -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

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{"id":15908988,"title":"Cupcake 'ATM' Struggles to Keep Pace","duration":"3:30","description":"Lara Spencer, Kermit the Frog reveal what's buzzing on the Pop News Heat Index.","url":"/GMA/video/cupcake-atm-struggles-pace-15908988","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}