Cute Puppy Chases Own Leash

Josh, Amy and Sam share two dog videos in the "Pet of the Day."
1:47 | 06/13/13

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Transcript for Cute Puppy Chases Own Leash
Not today are -- of the day about -- head of the day. Because the reality is he did so -- -- sale of the head of the day -- -- I do I do I do love the. -- all of it with a dog fly on the bicycle community. We just -- I'm Josh it's a vote for by the way that's right it's it's a bonus and the two for. Combined didn't want to get -- -- -- that's worthy of showing off today and our first is a determined little guy. He's changing into each of them are not sure what is. Families just like around the wall. News. Yeah. And this is still going on today this was shot 24 days ago. And. Our second -- today is slightly bigger dog would just as much energy. A -- Sargent -- turning. And these are unbelievable. All of this is it is. You get him. Man's best friend. Really really true. I we're. You. He's -- need to tell the rest the -- York -- values you know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- the toughest thing you know for military families and then when we show these things a lot there goes on. Thousands tens of thousands of times although his country. That a parent can be a man or woman now taken away from their family and has to -- moments the most amazing wonderful thing. And your in my case it was might have my dad would come back just -- -- -- wonderful day wonderful thing not to take any moment from any of those moments.

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{"id":19392193,"title":"Cute Puppy Chases Own Leash","duration":"1:47","description":"Josh, Amy and Sam share two dog videos in the \"Pet of the Day.\"","url":"/GMA/video/cute-dog-videopuppy-chases-leash-youtube-video-19392193","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}