8 to Be Charged in $45 Million Cyber Bank Heist

Investigators say the plot involved a network of criminals in 26 countries.
1:41 | 05/10/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 8 to Be Charged in $45 Million Cyber Bank Heist
We'll turn now to one of the biggest bank robberies ever, cyberchiefs accused of swiping SOME $45 MILLION FROM ATMs Around the world. Eight members of the alleged cyberring now facing charges and abc's rebecca jarvis has the story. Reporter: Flashing cash, posing with their stolen loot, these guys hardly look like the criminal masterminds we're used to seeing in movies like "the town." But prosecutors say these are just two members of a worldwide plot involving a network of criminals who hacked into international banks stealing debit card numbers then using that information to create fake atm cards. They distributed to bands of small-time crooks who awaited a SIGNAL THEN TARGETED ATMs IN 26 Countries at roughly the same time. This scheme was organized for months and planned down to the minute. Find out how much money we have. Reporter: Sounds like a cyberseek to "ocean's eleven." But authorities say these two are part of a ring of in THEIR 20s RESPONSIBLE FOR Bringing this plot to new york. Accused of sweeping through MANHATTAN ON FEBRUARY 19th, HITTING 140 ATMs COLLECTING MORE Than $2 million in cash like trick-or-treaters. This investigation is ongoing. Our efforts both as to the recovery of assets and the identification and apprehension of more than individuals are, in effect, as we speak. Reporter: We know this was no amateur operation. Last month the man prosecutors believe was the ringleader of the thieves here in new york was found murdered in the dominican republic with $100,000 in cash at his side.

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{"id":19149558,"title":"8 to Be Charged in $45 Million Cyber Bank Heist","duration":"1:41","description":"Investigators say the plot involved a network of criminals in 26 countries.","url":"/GMA/video/cyber-bank-heist-charged-45-million-atm-heist-19149558","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}