Cyber Monday to Add to U.S. Economy's Big Weekend

Consumers spent a record $52 billion over the Black Friday weekend.
2:27 | 11/28/11

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Transcript for Cyber Monday to Add to U.S. Economy's Big Weekend
-- 120 million expected to shop online today that's on top of 226. Million. Who packed stores over the weekend they spent a record 52 billion dollars up from 45 billion dollars a year ago and that's got the stock market encourage this morning to. ABC's John Berman is here with the latest -- Good morning Georgia it was a record breaking shopping weekend the average shopper spent nearly 10% more than they did last year so. The good news is there were epic -- the bad news. There was -- stupidity. Teams this season. Jerky in Honolulu. Wal-Mart door buster specials that's what happens -- 200 dollar Blu-ray players go for just -- -- Those kind of deals at some 226. Million Americans. -- in their computers this kid ends and from 212. Million last year the consumer is basically saying you know what we've got frugal fatigue we're tired of not spending. May be good news for the economy but. For decency. In Connecticut police boost demand. Allegedly caught twenty people live right. In Arizona this Green and colors the into the ground. Police -- -- shoplifting he said -- -- the video game in his waist band to protect his grandson from a mile. We're jingle things in California at north in South Carolina. Gunfire at the -- workers. It even -- in Los Angeles -- people were injured when a woman allegedly doused them with pepper spray. Trying to keep them away from the goods she wanted. Holy spirit gone haywire. The -- shoppers who survived the fisticuffs spent an average of 398. Dollars this weekend up from 365. Last year. Both -- signed to retailers. If people keep it out. The events -- peaking at. Consumers were out looking for the deals they weren't looking to just go shop they were looking to shop and save money. And today of course -- Cyber Monday when more than half the adult US population will go on line. May -- at work and -- not at ABC news of course. A third of us will spend more than an hour surfing shopping and buying all we'll let the officers have liked to college story it's -- -- -- But that the that's he's got a lot of stories coming up shop -- okay.

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{"id":15038820,"title":"Cyber Monday to Add to U.S. Economy's Big Weekend","duration":"2:27","description":"Consumers spent a record $52 billion over the Black Friday weekend.","url":"/GMA/video/cyber-monday-deals-2011-add-us-economys-big-15038820","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}