Cyber Monday Deals: Top 5 Steals for 2011

Becky Worley reveals 2011's top Internet bargains for Cyber Monday.
4:01 | 11/28/11

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Transcript for Cyber Monday Deals: Top 5 Steals for 2011
Guests online shopping day of the year is kicking off this morning almost 90% of online retailers offering discounts deep discount today. GMA technology into her back Buehrle has -- hunting down the very best of the deals and she joins us now from her lovely home in Oakland California. Becky thank you very much for doing your homework again and we can save big beginning with. -- Yeah the big story here is that across the border retailers are just doing site wide discounts let's start with the big ones. Banana republic old navy -- -- is wrong owned by one company -- -- -- have 30% discounts on their side it's good -- this evening but you have to have a code we've got echoed on our web site. Then we move on to Abercrombie & Fitch 40% across the entire site all those close great for the teenagers. -- 25%. Off and yes you can see use that -- sale items also. And finally the department store Kohl's. 20% off plus for every fifty bucks used and you get a fifteen dollar coupon that you can use it -- So we're really seeing these discount all the way across sites -- that's the big apparel when bush. -- some great savings there -- Now we know Amazon of course is one of the biggest online retailers they have some deals today. Which. -- this was their biggest -- the day of the year last year fourteen million items ordered cash and then bake sale there today they've been really aggressive all week starting before Thanksgiving so it's kind of spread out a little bit but the big sale today is on the Kindle DX -- this isn't the new Kindle fire tablet this is the big screen black and white reader it's great for people who -- maybe. Visually challenged an older reader because you can get those font sizes really big that's a 120 dollars off -- 259 from 379. Also on Amazon -- -- 25%. Author she used. If you -- 175. Looks okay now I saw you on Friday with Josh and Lara and you have some jaw dropping deals with television sets. To expect the same online defense. You know. I told the guys in audio to cue up the sound effect for -- you noticed its portion of this the story about television so guys play -- now. Yeah yeah but but but but but but -- -- -- So exactly yeah Stevie -- -- is that. The TV prices from Black Friday have actually gone up about five to 10% for example is up 32 inch TV at Wal-Mart for about a 188. Dollars on Black Friday it's gone up to 209. So. What we should do is wait on TV's we know that they get cheaper -- Christmas comes and -- cheapest prices come right before the Super -- move to -- on TV -- no one DI did it was getting at target if you're just getting one of those DSL live fancy cameras with -- interchangeable lenses they have a cannon with two lenses including telephoto for about 500 bucks. It's down you know a -- significant. The acting -- about 250 bucks off it was a good deal that's. Great -- RIC said waiting on the TV's how about waiting to book your travel home I haven't done that yet heading down south at the end. Of the month next month so -- any deals out there today. Well you'll -- you don't worry you have not missed it. If you bought your ticket in September get this Robin you pay 27%. More than if you -- it. Starting the first of December. So you're you're actually at the sweet spot to buy if you buy your ticket between now in December 10 after December 10. Prices go up 40% we've all seen that movie -- now's the times that I researching that trip home your momma won't be disappointed in the. It's all think they're hoping had a great Thanksgiving and a lot of before December 10 -- that -- -- back -- -- that they can any legislation he hit all the details on these plus eighteen other hot Cyber Monday deals. -- Good Morning America dot com. On Yahoo!.

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{"id":15039552,"title":"Cyber Monday Deals: Top 5 Steals for 2011","duration":"4:01","description":"Becky Worley reveals 2011's top Internet bargains for Cyber Monday.","url":"/GMA/video/cyber-monday-deals-top-steals-2011-15039552","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}