Cyber Monday Do's and Don'ts

Tory Johnson breaks down everything you need to know before heading online.
3:31 | 11/27/11

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Transcript for Cyber Monday Do's and Don'ts
We mentioned earlier the holiday shopping season is off to a very strong start. Shoppers spent a record breaking eleven point four billion dollars at retail stores on Black Friday that's up 7% from last year. And they're expected to keep spending online tomorrow. Otherwise known as Cyber Monday the biggest online retail day of the year arm and you're going to be surfing for deals do you make contributor Tory Johnson. Is here to let you know what she need to -- in the store at 11 embryo is have such good information here so we. Actually start today you can start today and Monday are going to side Bernie to you did not. Begin doing it today and. A -- things that you should know the first thing is to monitor FaceBook and Twitter for your favorite retailers. So come up with your list of the top -- money that you're looking for look at their FaceBook and Twitter pages because you'll often find an advertised specials throughout the day. Price check before you buy some even if you get these emails do you see besides before you click and -- Go to price -- dot com or you can go to slash products and if you just plug in the product name that you want to bite you'll be able to instantly see at a glance. Who else is selling it and at what price and that's gonna tell you if you're getting a good deal or not. Search for coupons before you -- many times even though there's a sale going -- you can sometimes doubled -- So just go to Google searches of the retailer name and add the words promo code or coupons. See what else comes up and then finally look for free shipping and this is the big one for Cyber Monday because a lot of retailers are offering free shipping and many times even if the price for the products is a little bit higher air. But once and has free shipping any other doesn't you'll wind up saving by going with a free shipping absolutely I have a rule. I don't order anything online and -- it's free -- you are tough cookie so we think my rhapsodic Cyber Monday that we know as we mentioned it's starting today. -- things go on -- even more tomorrow -- -- you start -- or should you -- -- you can definitely start today -- -- the sites that have cyber Sunday deals -- going to be pretty consistent between today and tomorrow one of the big -- Amazon you can go to slash Cyber Monday and -- of their -- right now many of those deals are also lightning -- that they -- they call lightning just -- -- that are throughout the -- that you only know about if you're monitoring -- throughout the day but there's a couple of some big ones that they have that we tend to really like there -- Xbox. Bundle package for Xbox-360. That's a 199 dollars a monster. DDB headphones 5999. It's a great deal twilight dvd starting -- -- seven box. To depending on what you're looking for a really good deals on Amazon are and I jumped the -- a little but I bought some toys online already act to -- -- -- that's right isn't -- make sure that they're not sold out true that your old Wal-Mart Toys 'R' Us target all have great deals online for -- but a lot of analysts say that we should wait until the week of December 7 to fifteenth. Not -- -- -- super hot item that you expect to find out but sometimes depending on inventory levels the prices could go down even more then. And electronics electronics to same exact thing with -- -- and also the big one clone -- the best clothing deal that I had been able to find lost dot com and Taylor dot com. Tomorrow only 50% off. -- -- Everything plus free shipping so that's at eight they got that today your free shipping and that I had to get -- -- dot com deal -- you have to be registered on -- email database. You can't -- today that is an amazing deal tomorrow 50% off everything go wild baby. It's all right. Let me out again and AM they say Good Morning America we also know are still the -- only -- GM I can't wait on them of that segment.

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{"id":15035046,"title":"Cyber Monday Do's and Don'ts","duration":"3:31","description":"Tory Johnson breaks down everything you need to know before heading online. ","url":"/GMA/video/cyber-monday-dos-donts-15035046","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}