Cyber Monday Survival Guide

Cyber Monday shopping Secrets from the "Money Saving Queen" Sarah Roe.
3:40 | 11/21/11

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Transcript for Cyber Monday Survival Guide
I am Tory Johnson if you have now inches -- -- crowds on Black Friday there are of great holiday deals available on line. Money -- in Queens -- -- here within easy Cyber Monday survival -- hates arraf. K sell your very first hit is to know what your prices and it sounds really simple but how can we. Can we be sure that we are really finding the best prices. You're right you've got to know what your prices are you may not know if you're getting a -- -- not. Now a couple of web sites that I live in the first one is called price grabber dot com and so let's say you have your Christmas list -- you have to do is get a price grabber. Tight and what have -- is that -- that you're looking for -- you'll be able to see all the different prices the retail price to sales price. Get those in your head so that -- when you see a great deal Cyber Monday or even a Black Friday. You know of -- -- dealer not any outside a uses slash -- products and that's basically the same thing -- typing your project -- you can see the prices. I do your homework to hero mark next Tuesday we can also double up and combined artsy things how. Okay this is why I love online shopping. There's so many coupon codes available -- paint you're getting a great deal on Cyber Monday but why not -- a coupon code -- that's here. If you visit a website called retail me not dot com. You instantly tight and what ever soared as you're going to be shopping -- like Kohl's -- target and you see available coupon Katz countered right below that. -- -- -- -- when you check out and you might get a great Cyber Monday free shipping DL a great sale plus at this coupon code and you can be talking triple savings. My kids that's all the time as it we might get some we just found a coupon is not a coupon and so we're suckers for them and it where it will not look right. Third at get cash back can potentially. -- hashing got our attention now happily that. I now now this is getting so so popular right now these are -- back web sites. One is called the -- dot com and then the other one is called shop at home dot com. And all you have to do is sign up for our free account. Anytime you want to shop online you visit one -- does web sites any shot through them. So let's say you signed up for eBay -- -- -- rebates dot com you type in calls and you click on the calls logo on that site and what that basically means is you're gonna earn cash back on what ever purchase you make. You can still use your coupon -- you can still get the free shipping. And you all -- 3%. All the way up to 30% cash back on your purchase it is free money and ran up my mind you gotta -- it. Exactly doesn't matter how you pay that's great okay. And -- -- that you say is that we should go for what you call the went to patents. Exactly now this is -- OK we've seen so many Black Friday deals go on sale on Black Friday online. So what I always tell people is to be sure that they check online Black Friday along with Cyber Monday don't just dismiss it. When you get -- -- the Turkey on Thanksgiving Day check your web sites the very next day get up in the morning and -- those web -- again. And then if you don't see -- great deal you can wait -- Cyber Monday. Seven -- is known for the free shipping deals that really we see so many hot door buster deals on Black Friday online. Art zone potentially not having -- leave our house not -- -- house to get exactly.

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{"id":14998827,"title":"Cyber Monday Survival Guide","duration":"3:40","description":"Cyber Monday shopping Secrets from the \"Money Saving Queen\" Sarah Roe.","url":"/GMA/video/cyber-monday-survival-guide-online-holiday-shopping-tips-14998827","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}