Cyber-Pranksters Target Hotels

Guests are being conned into acts of damage by prank phone calls.
1:11 | 03/26/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Cyber-Pranksters Target Hotels
Out of that bizarre string of phony phone calls fueled by the Internet that is causing Havoc at hotels across America. A shadowy group of cyber pranksters is targeting unsuspecting hotel guests and Conning them and acts of incredible damage. ABC's David -- has the story. You're at a hotel in the front desk frantically calls. I'm sorry we -- at this time but we have an emergency situation on our hands. An emergency says that serious voice telling you to grab something heavy and break out a window. Yeah we don't have huge and more important that you have bullpen blew its work. Yeah. But it's all a prank. It just happened Friday outside -- Baltimore against at this hotel convinced to break off fire sprinklers because according to the caller there was a gas -- The local Paper says eight rooms were damaged by all that water. And this is no joke the cost to the hotel estimated to be a 100000. Dollars in damage and it's happened all over the country. And I like you would love and help. -- hotel guest workers all targets of these fake calls. Most attributed to a group known as -- connect university. Telling me that we 85 foot by five foot section of the window busted out safety have to get -- you have to get it he beat duke. Busted out -- aren't very good you do. -- -- -- -- The group believe based in Canada in -- pranksters who listen to the calls live in chat rooms offering advice on how to improve their scams. -- 2009. In Orlando hotel hit a great gas leak. At an Arkansas hotel 50000 dollars in damage in a -- test of alarms in Tulsa they hijacked -- hotel's phone lines. -- -- -- -- -- go to the rickshaw area brokerage -- If you get -- why do they do it let's go have some fun but let's see if we can manipulate people I think this is all this really is about about power control. In New Hampshire workers at a fast food restaurant were fooled -- told the pulled a fire suppression system spraying them with chemicals. The -- then convince them to go outside and this robe before the workers finally called police power control but. When you start destroying property it's a different cases and absolutely in you've now moved and potentially to a felony. Just ask James Tyler -- he's credited with this prank on a fast food restaurant in taxes posted on -- -- Brett got at least for what -- out of the lobby -- Wendell. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- When he did it again at this Texas McDonald's police nabbed him. He was sentenced to five years for making a terrorist threat for Good Morning America David -- ABC news Washington. A long way from prince Albert and -- can't.

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{"id":16001554,"title":"Cyber-Pranksters Target Hotels","duration":"1:11","description":"Guests are being conned into acts of damage by prank phone calls.","url":"/GMA/video/cyber-pranksters-target-hotels-guests-16001554","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}