Cyber Stalker Sentenced to Four Years in Prison

A young woman was tormented by dozens of videos posted on YouTube and Twitter.
2:39 | 01/23/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Cyber Stalker Sentenced to Four Years in Prison
Cyber stalker who target at a young woman posing dozens of violent and explicit videos and messages on line. Christen press stalker was sentenced to four years in prison but is his penalty tough enough we're gonna talk to Kristen in just a moment she's here live in our studio. The first ABC's Andrea canning is here with much more interest story -- Good morning Robin and Patrick and -- was convicted of cyber stalking he used just about every form of social media he could think -- to go after his obsession. -- -- Prosecutors say he threatened to kill her over and over again. And now they fear because of -- judge's decision she will spend the rest of her life looking over her shoulder. Kristin Pratt turned away on the stand sobbing unable to watch that dozens of disturbing YouTube videos made by her -- Patrick -- Joni. -- -- fascinating well let me just. Last three -- nightmare began in 2008 when she met Michelle -- in class at the University of Central Florida he was on a full scholarship. He reached down on FaceBook she says the conversation. Initially applying it quickly turned frightening. -- -- clients. Yeah let's just say it's conveniently and then came hundred. -- Thank you wouldn't cost much -- -- -- time -- Then videos and Twitter messages like this one it is up -- now to save your life I have no options. The -- became homeless and working odd jobs and the stocking escalated. He started showing up at class work and school and that's always nervous. Friends settle at -- -- and I can block the ability it's. -- he -- -- -- and her fears were valid in this video you can see -- Tony videotaping himself in front of -- work. She then drives by not even knowing he's there he chases her. A Shoney's first trial ended in a mistrial when he was declared incompetent. This time he took a plea deal but a doctor for the defense says he continues to suffer from severe mental illness -- shouting out 24 years old had this to say in court. What I want to apologize to her -- -- -- and -- one never in any physical thing bell. The prosecution argued for -- fifteen years when the judge gave -- -- -- he will be out in two for time served. -- lawyers had pushed the judge to sentence him to outpatient treatment arguing he needs help to get better. Prosecutors say it's been extremely difficult to get him to take his medication. So the judge ordered when we're showing is released from prison he will actually be forced to get regular injections -- thank you thank you and.

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{"id":15419638,"title":"Cyber Stalker Sentenced to Four Years in Prison","duration":"2:39","description":"A young woman was tormented by dozens of videos posted on YouTube and Twitter.","url":"/GMA/video/cyber-stalker-sentenced-years-prison-youtube-twitter-kristen-pratt-15419638","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}