Cybertheft on the Rise: What You Should Know

A new report on data breaches reveals just how vulnerable your personal information can be.
1:45 | 07/15/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Cybertheft on the Rise: What You Should Know
We turn now to an alarming report out this morning on data breaches with cybertheft soaring it reveals how vulnerable our credit cards, bank accounts and other personal information can be. Pierre Thomas is bringing us the ABC news exclusive. Good morning, Pierre. Reporter: Good morning. This new report is a disturbing reminder that computer hacking and identity theft are at epidemic levels and only getting worse. Any report looking at data breaches in the state of new York provided exclusively to ABC news paints a stark picture suggesting that we're all increasingly at risk for identity theft. The study examining eight years of state records show the pace of cybertheft of personal information is growing at an exponential rate. The number of hacki iing cases reported in New York spiked from only 34 in 2006 to more than 400 per year since 2011. A more than 100-fold increase and in 2013 security breaches exposed the personal records of more than 7 million new yorkers. Consumers have to take steps to protect itself. If it's happening in New York it's happening to everyone all over the country. Reporter: Retailers and customers are the top victims on the hit list as a massive hacking of target showed us last year and this year major breaches at Michael's and Ebay. Many businesses are simply throwing up their hands and accepting it as a fact of modern life. Reporter: Acourting to one estimate they cost the U.S. $4.7 billion in 2012 what lone. Intelligence sources allege that cybercriminals in countries including Russia and China target U.S. Companies and private networks daily. Some tips today for consumers, check your credit and debit accounts as often as you can. Routinely update your passwords and never, never post personal information on social media pages.

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{"id":24563829,"title":"Cybertheft on the Rise: What You Should Know","duration":"1:45","description":"A new report on data breaches reveals just how vulnerable your personal information can be.","url":"/GMA/video/cybertheft-rise-24563829","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}