Cyndi Lauper Discusses New Album on 'GMA'

Singer chats about her latest album, "To Memphis, With Love."
2:09 | 11/30/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Cyndi Lauper Discusses New Album on 'GMA'
Often out of you little surprise coming out of that box before let you know I can't get -- really need her -- -- -- -- and -- saying canteen came on -- Yeah don't -- -- it definitely worked it is great to have you back any of a brand new album not to -- with -- tell us about it. -- well it's -- life CD and DDT. And. I'm it says they dvds kind of like a documentary. Footage and -- Stanley. We had a party in Memphis and we filmed -- you know we played -- still love letter to the blues. Unleaded and then -- because Memphis is a place where -- -- started where everything. Happen yet turned into soul -- great music from there Republican forty. Learn more but first I want to bring Carson back is -- you guys. -- -- All right let the critics amber is finally already seen you dance I can't really say -- tiny head. It's minimal apartment come low heat so what are you guys doing this we get a big benefit coming well -- -- syndicate with a great idea to do home for the holidays concert and benefits on the homeless LG BTU. And it's this Sunday December 4 of the beacon theater here in new York and tickets are still available that's right up front and side and lots of people we have. -- simplicity in Mickey Andrews he -- -- Wanda Sykes. -- -- military general in. His son Andrew Wilson movie -- disintegration. -- yeah gave it Vanessa content. Skylar -- I'm missing Cindy Lauper -- again -- Labor -- China might feel like it's gonna come and news are very very good -- -- get caught -- just -- AP EC. There's. Up to 42 cents -- the kids on the street to a homeless are LG BT. And that's kind of like epidemic. To me and I don't think -- should toll -- out on the street but since that's what they do anything somebody got to step up and I Phillips. For the holidays there is no place like home we are glad you are stepping up.

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{"id":15055169,"title":"Cyndi Lauper Discusses New Album on 'GMA'","duration":"2:09","description":"Singer chats about her latest album, \"To Memphis, With Love.\" ","url":"/GMA/video/cyndi-lauper-joins-gma-sing-holiday-song-15055169","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}