Dad's Test Out Products Made For the Family

Becky Worley enlists a group of fathers to see if "As Seen on TV" products live up to the hype.
3:33 | 06/15/14

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Transcript for Dad's Test Out Products Made For the Family
? If you're a regular viewer you may know that our gma mom tester segment, we love how gun ho the moms are. On this father's day, we thought we would give dads a chance. ABC's Becky Worley has more. Reporter: Good morning, "Gma." Since the dawn of time, well, 2011 anyway, our mom testers have been the busy moms guide to all things infomercials. I love this product. Reporter: But this father's day -- we decided let's give the guys a try. Three guys, three new products. Will they get the seal of approval or leave our dads disappointed. Let's get to the dudes, Adam beck, dad of one. Jason royal, also a dad of one. And Tony maxwell, dad of four. First up. The bacon mold. Reporter: The easy way to make delicious edible bowls out of bacon. Our dads got cooking. For Jason and Adam, the perfect bacon bowl proved to be a delicious bit. But for Tony, the bacon bowl was just too tiny. Solid bowl. Smaller than I expected. Reporter: The company a that makes the bowl, the type of bacon used affects cooking. Tony still gave it a thumbs down. Giving the perfect bacon bowl one dad disappointed. Ed one dad approved. Next up. The 8 in one ez jet power cannon. Let's see what we do with it. Reporter: For Tony, it was easy. And for Adam the built-in soak Rece reservoir was handy. For Jason. I don't know if it has functionality. Reporter: We broke from the pack, making it another 2-1 split for the ez jet. Now for the fitness-minded dad. It looks kind of cool. Arm extensions. Overarms. Reporter: It wasn't just our dads. Just sitting around, watching TV. The whole family got into the mix. Reporter: Chair gym finishes strong. Flexing its way to Annan dad approved. We reached out to the company makes the ezjet, we gave them an opportunity for comment but we got no response, and with that, I'd like to wish a happy father's day to all of the dads out there, including mine, who no doubt thinks the bacon bowl is the greatest engineering feat of our time. Absolutely. Better than the iPhones. Becky, thank you very much. Happy father's day to you.

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{"id":24145264,"title":"Dad's Test Out Products Made For the Family","duration":"3:33","description":"Becky Worley enlists a group of fathers to see if \"As Seen on TV\" products live up to the hype.","url":"/GMA/video/dads-test-products-made-family-24145264","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}