Daily Fantasy Team Sites Considered Gambling by Critics

The single-day fantasy leagues offer players a chance to win big money on pro sports, which critics say should be regulated.
3:00 | 09/15/15

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Transcript for Daily Fantasy Team Sites Considered Gambling by Critics
It is 7:41. Back now with a new debate in the sports wear that movelike you do? T underwear , wid ,gilesw ggve and cve. Swithalofdu lea guarbarriers your curves. Week. Reporter: How does it work? Just like regular fantasy football, win or lose based on how well the players you picked perform. Except that in daily fantasy football you don't have to stick it out for the full season. Supporters claim it's more skill than chance. If someone gets hurt it's luck. But if it is just coming down to that day, you know, then it's actually harder to win at daily fantasy than it is for season-long fantasy. Reporter: The NFL is all for it because it's a moneymaker, not only do they have their own fantasy league, studies show fantasy players watch more games and watch them for longer. But critics say it's gambling and ought to be treated the same way as other forms of sports betting. One congress pane calling for hearings on capitol hill. How is it any different from sports betting? I don't see it. Reporter: Fantasy sports are hugely popular. More than 50 million fans play every year spending an average of $257 each. Fans like Scott lewis with some skin in the game. The top prize is a million dollars. Reporter: Young sports fans really hit the jackpot. Travis Spieth was able to quit his day job when he won. It's like dealing in stocks. They're definitely going to tell you they're not gaming because there's a lot of research involved. The congressman is from new Jersey where voters overwhelm overwhelmingly approved a plan to add sports betting in new York City just like they have in Las Vegas but the NFL has opposed that expansion of sports betting and the New Jersey congressman saying that's kind of hypocritical. All I know they're constantly on. You can't watch the game because they're on over and over. Does that make you want to play? No. All I know if my son spent as much time on his homework as he does on his fantasy team, life would be grand. Probably helps with math. Yes, it is. That's what he says, mom, I'm analyzing. I'm analyzing. Thank you, David.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"The single-day fantasy leagues offer players a chance to win big money on pro sports, which critics say should be regulated.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"33765217","title":"Daily Fantasy Team Sites Considered Gambling by Critics","url":"/GMA/video/daily-fantasy-team-sites-considered-gambling-critics-33765217"}