Dan Harris Previews '500 Questions'

The ABC News correspondent will host season 2 of the game show that challenges the smartest people in the country to answer 500 extremely difficult general knowledge questions.
5:05 | 05/26/16

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Transcript for Dan Harris Previews '500 Questions'
Season two of "500 questions" kicks off tonight and the battle of the brains has a brand-new host, our very own and sometimes intense Dan Harris. Not known for his brains ironically. Before we play the game because Dan is going to put us to the test, ABC's nick watt has a closer look, it's so tough, by the way, all-time greatest "Jeopardy" champ ken Jennings working up a wit. Will anybody be able to answer 500 questions? Reporter: Featuring some of the finest brains in the land. How much money have you made doing game shows? Somewhere north of 3 million. Reporter: And Dan Harris. And you are bringing which perhaps you have to a bit of self-deprecation. Yeah, I bring that everything. I have no choice in this environment, what else are you going to do? I can't compete with these people. Reporter: How does it work. The world's toughest questions and only one simple rule. Don't get three in a row wrong. Reporter: Near genius on deck. Any time you get two in a row wrong, your challenger, the lovely Monica will get to choose your next category. Reporter: Almost like we're watching the olympics of game shows. You nailed it. It's crazy, the amount of knowledge in the most obscure areas these people have. France has a land border with what eight countries? Ken, five seconds. Spain. Andorra. Reporter: Do you know the other six? For "Good morning America," nick watt, ABC news, Los Angeles. And, Dan, you said that tonight's episode might be so incredible that I might be reporting on it tomorrow. There is an incredible surprise in the first five minutes of the show, I will tell you nothing about it, Lara Spencer, but it is worth watching for that alone. But I hope you watch all five nights. Do you do this for a living like tease stories because you're really good at it. Thank you very much. But I'll ask the questions here. Get over there and let's play the game. Our contestants this morning, ginger zee, Lara Spencer, Amy robach. You know them all. The rules, I'll ask a question. You have five seconds. Can you take as many guesses as you want over the course of five seconds. That will be useless for you. It's just a prop because we'll go one by one. The theme of the questions this morning, all related to "Gma." Oh, got this. Okay. Our first contestant is the lovely ginger zee coming up of the finals of "Dancing with the stars," okay, ginger, how you feeling? I'm a little burnt out but I'm ready to do it. You will not risk pulling a hammy during the course of this. The first category, morning music and the first question is which two Broadway musicals faced off in "Gma" the musical this year, five seconds. "Gma" the musical, aladdin and "The lion king". Well done. Well done. All right, ginger, till in the game. If you get three in a row wrong you're done. The next who performed in the "Gma" studio with a wizard of oz theme? Gaga. Gaga. Yes. This is a battle question. It'll be Lara versus ginger. A battle? I'll ask one question, go back and forth. Whoever gets the first wrong answer you lose. Multiple -- Scream it out. But go back and forth. Who goes first. Ginger goes first because she's the reigning jeanous. Who is performing in the "Gma" summer concert series this summer? Go. Flo ride. Jason aldean. Jason derulo. Ariana grande. Cia. Correct. Ginger is out. Okay, so, Lara is the reigning genius now. New dance champ. Which on chore was featured in which '90s sitcom and how did they enter the plot of the episode. In the 1990s. Yes. An anchor was -- Four five seconds is over. The answer is George. His pizza was delivered to the friends, George stephanopoulos, I believe we've got a clip of him right there. It is a pizza. I didn't know that either. George is a man with a history. Okay, so you're out, and, Amy, it's over to you. Robin is famous for her fluffy footwear. What are two animals she's been known to sport as slippers. Lions and frogs. Let's look inside and see if that's correct. Lions right there and -- She has her froggy slippers. Well done. You're the reigning genius now. Who is Kerry Washington's "Scandal" character? This is actually -- Olivia pope. This is a battle question. Give me a question from the 1990s. I did. I did. It was not fair. You know what, we're out of time -- We're not even going to -- The reigning champion. Thank you. So the winner is -- All three. All of three of us. Ginger zee. Ginger. I'll take it. I love how you get to be a genius for -- very short-lived when you're the reigning genius. "500 questions" premieres tonight at 8:00 eastern right here on ABC. We'll be right back.

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{"duration":"5:05","description":"The ABC News correspondent will host season 2 of the game show that challenges the smartest people in the country to answer 500 extremely difficult general knowledge questions.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"39385761","title":"Dan Harris Previews '500 Questions'","url":"/GMA/video/dan-harris-previews-500-questions-39385761"}