Dan Wheldon's Indy Car Friends on Tragic Loss

Alex Lloyd and Jamie Little remember their friend who died in an Indy Car crash.
4:10 | 10/17/11

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Transcript for Dan Wheldon's Indy Car Friends on Tragic Loss
Joining us now from Las Vegas Motor Speedway are two of Dan -- it's close friends IndyCar driver Alex Lloyd and ESPN pit reporter. Jamie little and we both should know that we are -- along with few this morning and let me ask you this Alex. Where were you exactly. On the track. When the accident occurred. I was the cod directly behind. Has about two colleagues behind them. And then everything broke -- inferences in front of -- -- -- slowed up by basically just months checkup in front of the group that down within overrun and I got hit from behind from willpower and they will then pushed up as a group into the -- It just seemed to happen. Just so fast that you imagine that that those speeds and and Jamie you spend so much time with -- with -- and the other drivers was there is concern among the drivers about being such. A large field and such fast speeds. Funny time you got to -- race track for the first time really with the IndyCar Series. There is concern especially at a track like this they're so much grip. These cars could run all over the track and that makes it exciting so there was a lot of talk. How fast of these cars Kennedy and what is the racing going to be like what you have that when you have cars at this kind of speed there's always concern. It's nothing out of the ordinary. Find out what we saw happen was just the most tragic events I can't even explain -- reporter being in the infield care center and having a report on that and and I'm very blessed to save -- Dan Wheldon was the first driver -- can ever call a friend when I started covering auto racing and that. And then to leave here at the racetrack and have to report at the hospital and see his wife. His two little boys were there his three Brothers his sister all there in his parents -- -- news. Back home in England it's just -- you can't put it into words. -- I want to ask you this is -- -- -- not -- IndyCar Racing since the year 2000 NASCAR races there but NASCAR's -- is actually drive significantly slower. -- the cars in the IndyCar circuit what concerned did you have about just how fast this track was running. Well I mean you know we've. You know every race He go to there's this concerns. In -- this the nature of this quotas what way is what we'll do I mean you know we knew it was going to be. A race that console going to be very close and I'm when things happen. When things get together -- 'cause about things happen I don't think any of those really in margins. That something like this could happen. You know we. Anything may be feet maybe somebody could get that it kind of things you thinking about I certainly never saw the we lose somebody and somebody like Dan Wheldon. On a day like yesterday admitted it's completely surreal something I've never experienced in my prayer and it's it's a very hard time for everybody. He's so charismatic and Jamie just say again for those people who are watching this morning who who do not familiar friend just. More about him and how they should be remembered. You -- you heard a map peace charismatic that was damn well that He was always funny He was always -- as a reporter He was a dream. Had a good time the fans just love to talk to him and -- him He was a great champion one of the most talented drivers I've ever seen in a race car. And ironically he's been one of those drivers has been helping develop the new race car that will be unveiled in March next year so a lot of people won't keep him in their thoughts and prayers as time goes on that could be his legacy but He was a family man. There were so many good things about Dan Wheldon He was friends with everybody in this garage and nobody has about thing to say about. I don't know anyone this but more time -- the Stanley that's why He didn't raise as much this year and his youngest being born just in March. Allison and Jamie thank you very much for being with us this morning and again our thoughts are with you wouldn't. And his family welcomes family as well take care.

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{"id":14751840,"title":"Dan Wheldon's Indy Car Friends on Tragic Loss","duration":"4:10","description":"Alex Lloyd and Jamie Little remember their friend who died in an Indy Car crash.","url":"/GMA/video/dan-wheldons-indy-car-friends-tragic-loss-14751840","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}